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This guide explains the 1-2-3 of getting the best from your new Bioflow magnetic pain relief system:

(1)  How to wear your Bioflow wristband

(2)  Detoxification - why you might feel bad

(3)  Getting results - steady as she goes!

(1)  How to wear your Bioflow wristband

Where on the wrist?  

Bioflow wristbands and bracelets are most effective when worn with the CRP module on the inside of the wrist, where there’s most blood flow. However, all except Classic, Monet, Duet and Duo will work OK any way around.  They should be worn slightly loose; it’s usually a good idea if the Bioflow unit moves around a little in the area of strong blood flow, so we don’t recommend that you wear your Bioflow tightly.  In any case, wearing it overtight could damage the strap or joints and invalidate your one-year guarantee.

We’re often asked which wrist you should wear your Bioflow on.  There’s no straight answer to this: most people can’t tell any difference, but a few customers have reported that the relief is better on a particular wrist.  As the therapy is mostly through your blood, it may be that some people do get better results wearing it in a particular place.  Experiment!

How long for?

Bioflow Ltd recommends that you wear your Bioflow wristband for at least eight hours a day.  This could be just at night, at work only, or twice a day morning and evening - whatever suits you best.  At Pivotal, our customers’ experiences (and our own!) suggest that the longer you wear it for, the better your experience.  So we recommend that torc bracelets - the Duo, Duet and Monet - are worn permanently, and other designs are taken off as infrequently as possible.  Remember that Bioflow systems can’t hurt you - their ‘Class 1 Medical Device’ certification is a guarantee that they’re safe to use.

Medical Note

It’s a myth that magnetic devices should not be used by pregnant women or children, or over open wounds — these are some of the more successful applications!

Pacemakers and heart conditions.  Bioflow’s CRP magnet is powerful, so should not be worn by anyone fitted with a pacemaker, electronic defibrillator or similar magnetically set device without consulting their cardiologist first. However, the risk of a Bioflow module affecting a modern appliance is very low, as the magnetic field is almost all confined within your wrist and most pacemakers are now shielded from magnetic interference.  The Boost Buttons are an exception, being hugely powerful on both sides, and are not recommended for people with these appliances.

Remember: Bioflow’s separation of red cells and improvement to oxygen supply may be particularly useful for people with cardio-vascular conditions, especially angina and atherosclerosis (hardened and usually ‘furred-up’ arteries), so they can be a real benefit to pacemaker wearers with these common conditions.  But check with your specialist first - and maybe ask for an opinion from the hospital’s Risk Assessment Consultant (who might in any case be your cardiologist).

Other Places to wear Bioflow

Where else can you wear a Bioflow?  You can be inventive!  You might not be allowed to wear anything on your wrist at work, for example, or it might cause irritation if, say, you work in flying sawdust or swarf.  So find another spot with good blood flow to wear it for those occasions.  The suggestions below apply to all Bioflows except the Monet, Duet and Duo bracelets.  We recommend that you don’t frequently take off and replace these models unless you’re able to remove them without bending the band each time.

Any Bioflow CRP unit can be used anywhere on the body.  But for a single or twin unit to do its job of whole body therapy properly, it must be positioned over a place where there is plenty of blood flow in arteries and veins. So, having the Bioflow on the inside of your ankle or your elbow should be as good as on your wrist.  Or you could wear a Bioflow dog collar - the carotid artery in your neck has an excellent blood flow and the improved benefits might just outweigh the ribald comments you’ll get!  Wherever you choose to wear it, you don’t need to fasten the Bioflow’s strap.  Any means to hold it in place, like inside a sock at the ankle, would do - as long as it keeps the unit mostly touching the skin over the blood vessels.  It’s usually a good idea if the Bioflow unit moves around a little in the area of strong blood flow, so we don’t recommend that you wear your Bioflow tightly.

BOOST and BUTTONS as main therapy

The Boost twin modules, and the Boost Buttons (not now available), could be used instead of a wristband.  While they are designed for spot treatment, they use the same CRP system as wristbands, so can take their place anywhere.  

Catherine, for example, was getting good results from her Monet bracelet for arthritis in her wrists and elsewhere.  But occasionally the wrist pain got particularly bad – you can’t easily avoid using wrists!  So she bought a Boost pack with three twin CRP units, meant to be worn on belts around the body.

Being inventive, she got two cheap wrist sweatbands and slipped a Boost twin CRP unit under a sweatband on the inside of each wrist.  This gave her two CRP units on each wrist, so she had extra spot pain relief on her wrists in bad times as well as the blood conditioning for her whole body (which any one of the four CRP units could provide).  

For going out, she returned to the elegant Monet, but now she’s so delighted with the pain relief she gets that she has bought gold and steel Pirouette double-CRP bracelets for dress use with her gold and silver jewellery sets. These can also double-up for intensive therapy, having the same power as two Boost units.

THE BIOPAD as main therapy
(note: the Biopad is not currently available )

If wristbands and even spot treatment units are too difficult to use, such as with a fractious small child, consider the Biopad with its six CRP units. Although they are specifically designed for more painful muscular back problems, lying on the pad can be helpful; so can wearing it inside your clothing as David did when his lower back muscles began to spasm again.  No need for painkillers and the action is faster. It’s also great for the cat or dog basket.

Biopad Note:  Be careful to place Biopad’s CRP units so that the ‘active’ side is against your body. Unlike ordinary magnetic appliances, the standard Bioflow CRP unit has an immensely strong multi-pole action on one side only.  That’s the patented flux-changing system that no-one else may copy.  The magnetic effect on the other side of the unit is very small, hardly more than an ordinary magnet set.  So take care to have the unit the right way round, or it will be as ineffective as an ordinary magnetic appliance.  How do you tell?  Just touch a steel key, or a recent UK copper coin (it’s got iron in) to each side of a CRP unit. You can’t miss the difference!  In any case, the label side is the active side.


(2)  Detoxifying

One of the major benefits of your Bioflow is that it can help to remove more waste products from your body than you could manage without it. Detoxification is an ongoing part of living – you’d soon die of cell poisoning without it!  Your cells constantly produce wastes and, with marvellous efficiency, they’re carried away in your blood to be cleaned out by your liver and kidneys, and excreted.

The gain in detoxification efficiency that a Bioflow gives you usually takes just a few days to complete.

When you first wear a Bioflow, your body has a clean out – a ‘detox’ – with each cell getting rid of extra wastes for a while until your body has reached its new, more efficient level. During this process about one in five users may experience some dizziness, nausea, ‘hangover’ or mild flu-like symptoms as their body adapts.  These detox symptoms are due to your Bioflow helping your body to draw extra poisons out of its cells into your blood faster than your kidneys can filter them out for disposal.

Detox is quite normal and a good sign that benefits are happening.  So if you get symptoms, as well as following the advice below to reduce the discomfort, you could try wearing your Bioflow for just a few hours a day, or only at night.  This will give your body a chance to get used to the changes more slowly.  Most of the minority of people who experience symptoms, though, just ‘tough it out’ — detox is usually only for a few days!  If your detox symptoms are stronger, phone or email us and we’ll help - see more below.

Minimizing Detox Problems

How can you reduce the chance of getting detox symptoms?  A key aid is to drink at least two litres of liquids a day, spread out over the day.  Water, soup, milk and fruit juice are all fine to flush out the toxins; so are weak tea and coffee, low-caffeine soft drinks and low-alcohol beers.  The liquid gives your liver and kidneys more efficiency in cleaning your blood and helps to reduce symptoms a lot. It helps, too, if you reduce alcohol and caffeine, which also produce toxins as they are digested.  So. if you begin to get symptoms, try cutting out alcohol, chocolate, colas, tea and coffee for a few days - or at least, cut down, and replace them with other liquids!  

We’ve found at Pivotal Health that about a quarter of those few people who got poor results with their Bioflow admitted to drinking very little liquid, despite doctor’s warnings, and what they did drink was strong coffee or tea and alcoholic shorts. Most of them also got strong detox pain.  They were all seriously dehydrated – you can draw your own conclusions from this.

Having a Stronger Detox?

A very few people report worse discomfort or for longer than described above.  This could be because they have damaged tissues, which are benefiting from the improved oxygen supply in the blood, repairing themselves and dumping their toxins quickly.  If this is you, do persevere.  Build up wearing the Bioflow a step at a time.  People with strong detox symptoms often get the best results from their Bioflow in the end.  Low-liquid people also tend to get a strong detox, as mentioned above – their kidneys are already overloaded with toxin removal before they try the Bioflow! For them, the cure is simple – drink lots of water, as their doctor has probably already been telling them!

Finally, remember that any ‘detox’ effects you get soon after you begin wearing a Bioflow system may not be due to the Bioflow at all!  We’ve had a few customers reporting detox problems who later found that there was another cause.  For example, one customer got quite ill and phoned for advice.  She phoned back later, saying that most of the party at that restaurant she went to the day after she put on her Bioflow got the same symptoms – it was food poisoning!

We are always available by phone at Pivotal to help you if you’re one of the few who get strong detox symptoms.  Do ring — as a customer, you’ll have our helpline number.


(3)  Getting results

Key Point One: it’s always working!  Bioflow’s powerful permanent magnets don’t need batteries or a plug to keep working!  There’s no off-switch, so it continually works on the blood passing within its pulsed magnetic field to carry more oxygen to the tissues and remove more toxins. But, as you know, all bodies are different and the time taken for a noticeable result varies from a few minutes to a few months. Most people can feel some effects within a week – but some users can take the full three-month trial period to see results.  That’s why there’s a 90-day trial!  So, if a friend got quick results – or slow – the same might or might not be true for you.  We’re all different.

Key Point Two: take it slowly.  If you have long-standing physical problems, don’t expect quick results, though you might be lucky!  There is more likelihood of a gradual benefit over a period of time.  If it took a long time for the problem to build up, it may take a long time for it to be relieved.  That’s another reason why you have 90 days to see whether Bioflow is the therapy for you.  

More than 95% of our customers get worthwhile results and are happy to recommend their friends and family to try Bioflow.  And we aim to give such good customer service that the other 5%, while getting a refund, will still recommend friends to try a Bioflow themselves.

Medical warning!  Magnotherapy has been used for many years to assist the natural healing process and Bioflow with its unique CRP system has helped over two million people and animals.

However, it is not a magical panacea.  If your pain persists, be sensible and consult your doctor.  Also note that although your Bioflow causes your body no harm, the pain relief it can give might mask other problems.

Can I improve the results?  Yes – with spot application and with Nutriflow.  

We’ve had some stunningly good results with wristbands and most people get real, obvious benefit. However, Bioflow wristbands alone do not work well enough to satisfy everyone, and some people need stronger therapy to give them relief.  

The Boost and Biopad with six CRP modules, and Boost Buttons with four, are much stronger than wristbands and can be used over the site of discomfort.  

Graham, for example, found that a wristband worked for his wife's rheumatoid arthritis, but his own wristband, while helpful with his arthritic pain, had no useful effect on his sciatica. He also needed the Boost for full results.

Finally, you can supplement the Bioflow with Nutriflow.  On its own, Bioflow can give good results in pain relief, easing of symptoms, better sleep and recovery from fatigue. However, the pH-balancing mineral supplement Nutriflow has improved Bioflow’s effect for many users, sometimes dramatically.  You simply drink this tasty isotonic mineral supplement once a day.


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your Bioflow

The inside of the wrist is
usually most convenient.

If this is a problem, any
other pulse point is great.

Got a pacemaker?  
See your cardiologist.

Use Boost elements if the wristband is a problem.

Supplement the wristband
with spot treatment when
pain is especially bad.



One in five people get
a detox effect in the first
few days as the Bioflow
begins to work.  

To minimise detox,
drink lots of liquids
(2 litres+ evenly
across a day)
and go easy on alcoholic
and caffeine drinks.

If detox is uncomfortable,
wear the Bioflow just a
few hours a day.

Detox is a sign that your Bioflow is working for you.  Celebrate as you wince!

Call us if you
have problems.

There’s always a solution.


Getting Results

Wearing the Bioflow on
the inside of your wrist is usually most convenient
and more effective.

If this is a problem, any
other pulse point is great.

Use Boost elements or Boost Buttons if the wristband is a problem.

Got a pacemaker?  
See your cardiologist.  
Pain persists?  
See your doctor.

Supplement the wristband
with spot treatment
at those times when
pain is especially bad.

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