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  Our online price:                     Our online price:                    Our tax-free price:
£29.70                      Titan £29.70               Titan £24.75

Shipping costs : Post and packing at cost for one Titan is:
UK £3.20; Europe £9.50; World £10.00

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Warning: Bioflow CRP is a powerful magnetic product and could affect magnetically-set therapy devices such as pacemakers.  See the page How To Use Your Bioflow’ for help.


The Monet and Elite are stylish and strong, also in polished stainless steel and with optional gold plate.  The tough Explorer 2 is technically advanced in stainless steel with nylon strap.

More about the Titan


Made of a non-allergenic, nickel-free titanium alloy, the Titan torc bracelet is feather-light on the wrist.  With the same power as the Monet, Duet and Duo torcs, Titan has achieved this light weight by careful forging of the band and by using neodymium magnets so powerful that the Central Reverse Polarity therapy unit can be inset completely into the band.  Each end of the torc holds a half-power CRP unit, spreading the therapeutic load across the blood vessels of your inner wrist better than the basic system and equalling a relay system.  For details of how the CRP system works, go to our Science and Theory section.

How light is the Titan?  The medium size is an almost unnoticable 12 grams, the large just three grams more.  By contrast, the steel Monet and Duet, while still light, are just under double these weights.  By comparison, my Casio steel watch is 98 grams, and I don’t count this as heavy!

Titan’s elegant yet durable polished titanium design will complement almost any style of dress, for men or women.  People who suffer from metal allergies are unlikely to experience problems.


The Titan is currently available for one wrist size: LARGE 180–215 mm (about 71/8 – 8½ in)


The Titan is intended to be worn permanently.  If you’ll need to remove it frequently, a model with a clasp fastening would be better, unless you’re one of the few whose wrist shape allows a correctly-fitted Titan to be easily slipped on and off without reshaping the band.  For suggested clasp and buckle models, see the Elite and Pirouette (above), the Executive and the Explorer 2.

Your Titan should be worn slightly loose, so as to be able to slide up and down your arm a little, but it should not twist right round – the Bioflow CRP modules should be free just to move around over the pulse area on the inside of your wrist and lower arm.  It’s essential to wear your Titan with the CRP modules on the inside of your wrist where there are most blood vessels.  Otherwise its therapeutic effect will be compromised.


To wash the Titan, simply wash yourself as usual.  Both the titanium band and the CRP modules are water-resistant in ordinary conditions of use.  Any scratching from rough treatment can be lightly polished away.

Like silver and gold, titanium is a softer metal than steel, so is more susceptible to scratching.  But also like silver, gold and brass, it’s easier to polish out scratches with ordinary household metal polish, or using a handyman polishing tool.

The Titan in Sports and Industry

Sports users find the Titan a good design because it’s super-light, super-slim and doesn’t cause problems when it gets sweaty.  For games like tennis, you might prefer to slip a terry-cloth wrist guard (sweatband) over it during play to collect the moisture.

When worn in an industrial setting, flying particles like non-ferrous swarf, sawdust and blast-cleaning dirt will be no problem - if you get an irritation just dunk your wrist in water and rinse.  Ferrous swarf and steel particles (for example, in sump oil) can be a problem if allowed near the Titan  bracelet.  They will collect around the CRP unit and will need wiping off periodically with a rag, which can then be shaken out.  Better would be to wear gloves if you can, or wrap a strip of cloth around your wrist under the Titan.

Putting on and Removing your Titan Magnetic Wristband

When putting on a Titan for the first time, shape the band to your wrist.  Care should be taken not to put any pressure on the ends of the band, carrying the CRP modules and the enamel panels as this is done, as excess pressure can cause the water seal to fail or the panels to crack, but pressure does need to be considerable to do this.

First, the back of the band should be flattened if your wrist has a flattish rather than well-rounded back.  The whole band should then be opened up enough to slip comfortably over your wrist with the CRP magnetic modules on the inside of your wrist, then closed as tightly as possible onto your wrist or until the ends touch, by bending each side in turn, keeping the back as you left it.  Few people can do this unaided.  On being released, the Titan will spring open a little and this should give the perfect shape and fit.  

To remove the Bioflow, some people with a concave inside wrist can move one end to this place then arch the bracelet off the wrist.  Most people will need a friend to pull open the band from both sides, while avoiding pulling on the ends.

We recommend that you only remove your Titan on special occasions, such as where a clear wrist is essential, or when undergoing an MRI scan. It is intended to be worn permanently, to avoid ‘work hardening’ damage by frequently opening and closing the titanium band - this is common to all metal strips.


Bioflow Titan

Super-lightweight, űber-powerful, the Titan is the luxury alternative to the Monet and Duet torc bangles.
It has their style and power, but is incredibly light and tough through the use of our most powerful magnetic materials in the dual CRP modules, enclosed in a forged, polished titanium shell.
The Titan is currently available only

TITAN titanium bangle:                in Large size with red decorative panels.          RRP £119                       

OUR ONLINE PRICE: £89.30 off RRP - a 75% discount

And still with our famous at-cost shipping,  
90-day trial, full guarantees and customer service.

Want more details about the Titan?  See below the purchase box.


Titan titanium alloy magnetic therapy bracelet

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