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The Bioflow Company offers a risk-free 90-day trial.  When you buy through this website, we offer a 12-month trial for personal use, not for business use.  For this you MUST conduct the trial as detailed here.

The 12-month trial applies only to the first unit purchased.

There are five simple steps
to the trial:

  1. Have an accurate record of your previous fuel use.
  2. Buy the product and fit it – use our simple fitting guide.
  3. Keep a record of fuel use and note differing usage patterns.
  4. When full efficiency is reached, compare your figures of fuel use.
  5. Work out the value of your guaranteed 10 years of savings!

If you’re not satisfied, return your privately-used H2flow, Motoflow or Thermoflow  within 12 months, with our Pivotal Health receipt, for a full refund of the purchase price. There’s no risk, because you know the full costs up-front.

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10-year warranty on materials and parts.

Lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties.

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Thermoflow for Home Use

This guide is for customers with domestic-sized boilers.  If you have a larger boiler or furnace system or an industrial complex, click here to contact us for help and information.
Thermoflow is a simple but effective way to get the maximum value from your gas or oil budget.  It magnetically conditions your fuel to burn more effectively so that your boiler should produce more heat for the same fuel flow.  
Thermoflow works for all common fuels: bottled and mains gas, domestic oil and all grades of commercial fuel oil.

Thermoflow units are easy to fit - they simply tie-wrap onto the supply line with the NyTie straps supplied or your own.  Simple instructions are supplied.  When you move house, refit to your new boiler just as simply - we’re always available if you need advice.  You can refit again and again for at least the 10-year life of the guarantee.  You can’t lose!

FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY, Thermoflows bought from this page come with an extended 12-month trial period, provided that the guarantee trial conditions are followed. See left for a summary, or the Thermoflow Guarantee page for details.

See below for more about the Thermoflow


Thermoflow: £60 RRP from

£38.70 or less inc. VAT on this website; £32.25 tax-free

Shipping costs : Post and packing at cost for one Thermoflow:
M1 - UK: £5.30; Europe £11.45; World £13.70
M2 - UK: £5.30; Europe  £9.50; World £10.00

Shipping is much cheaper per item when you buy more in one delivery, but the calculator can add too much postage if you order different designs - see right.  
Be reassured: any excess postage you are charged is promptly refunded.

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It includes insurance up to about £85 inc. VAT.  See right or SHIPPING for shipping options.


Warning: Thermoflow is a powerful magnetic product and could affect magnetically-set
therapy devices such as pacemakers and other devices affected by a strong magnetic field.

Shipping Options: for delivery and insurance options, see left or the shipping pages.

Tax free price does not include any charges levied in your own country.

More About Using Thermoflow

This section includes:


Increased economy from a shorter cycle time.  As your boiler works, it spends more time in the ‘off’ part of the cycle than firing.  
Alternatively, you can turn the boiler water temperature down to a cooler setting and still get the same warmth in each room.

Less need for servicing.  The cleaner ‘burn’ should remove any sooting and leave less ash.  Your annual safety inspection is still vital, though.

Thermoflow is the GREEN OPTION.  Because you burn less fuel, your carbon emissions will go down.  Because the burn is more efficient, you’ll produce less of the toxic nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide which cause acid rain.  Both of these effects give you a greener boiler.

These benefits have been shown in scientific studies or observed by countless heating engineers during servicing.  In fact, there’s a simple test which any competent service engineer can perform during servicing which conclusively proves that your Thermoflow is doing its job.  Email us and we’ll send you the details; or look at the testimonials below, two of which are engineers’ results of such tests.

We at Pivotal have NEVER in 12 years of sales had a Thermoflow returned as ineffective.  We don’t expect you to want to be the first – Thermoflow works.


It’s simple.  You’ll need one Thermoflow for every 25 KWH (80,000 BTU) of boiler rating.  If you don’t know your boiler’s output, you should find it on the service plate or by searching online for the make and model number.  Very few domestic boilers are over 25 KWH; 15 KWH is typical for a three-bedroom house.  So almost every ordinary house boiler will need one Thermoflow.

MONEYSAVING NOTE: It’s often cost-effective to fit more treatment than this minimum, and get better fuel savings – but it’s a matter of diminishing returns.  If your boiler is rather large for a domestic system and you make a lot of use of it, one Thermoflow will probably give less fuel saving than you might like.  Fitting two Thermoflows should increase the fuel saved, but getting your outlay for the second back will take longer than for the first.  For a domestic system, it’s rarely worthwhile fitting a third Thermoflow, because even on a large domestic boiler, the third Thermoflow’s cost may take several years to recover.


What benefits are there from fitting Thermoflow to my boiler?

The main benefit is that the improved fuel efficiency will save on your fuel costs. Users report that the gas or oil burns more cleanly, producing a hotter flame and less soot. Maintenance is quickly completed, with fewer deposits to clear away; in fact, maintenance could be carried out less often if it were not for the essential need to perform safety checks.

Most users find that the boiler ‘cycles’ (turns on then off) more quickly, as the maximum circulating water temperature is reached more quickly.  This results in the boiler spending more time off, less time on.  Users have often found that they can lower the circulating water temperature, providing a further saving from the decreased waste radiation away from the areas where heat is needed.

Benefits of the Thermoflow are usually greater on older boilers, although modern systems will still benefit and it will help to maintain their fuel efficiency.  We have never had reported less than a 5% improvement on modern, high-efficiency boilers, and savings are typically much more than this.

How does it work?

As far as experts can see, Thermoflow ionises the fuel by directing a specific and powerful static reversing magnetic field right into the fuel supply line.  Through a process known as magnetohydrodynamics, the fuel’s ability to combine with oxygen improves and greater energy is released from the fuel.  This is conjecture, though - no-one has yet paid for the very expensive testing needed to prove the science behind the results.  In the real world, pragmatic tests by experts show Thermoflow to work reliably and it’s clear that the improved combustion helps to reduce harmful emissions and removes carbon deposits from the combustion chamber.

How much can be saved?

There is no one answer, as much depends on the condition of the boiler and the environment it is working under.  Savings of 10% and more are common, and 5% would be unusually low. Occasionally, a 30% saving has been reported - we suspect that this is on badly maintained boilers and if the boiler had been serviced before the cost of use was calculated and the Thermoflow fitted, the savings would be found to be less.  Sooted boilers get an immediate benefit from Thermoflow, as it cleans out the burner system.

A saving on fuel bills of 8% would generally provide a short and justifiable payback period, typically over a single winter season for a domestic boiler.  In financial terms, savings made by fitting a Thermoflow will increase as fuel costs continue to rise.  The savings for the environment are harder to measure but will be of the same order.  Under our money-back guarantee, you get the opportunity to test how much you save on your own boiler - but don’t forget to allow for differences of use.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes – and it’s unconditional!  Your trial period begins on receipt of your Thermoflow, and if you are not satisfied with the results for any reason, it may be returned for a full refund of your purchase price.  See the Guarantee Terms for details of the 90-day and Pivotal’s exclusive one-year guarantees.  The materials and workmanship are guaranteed for 10 years and the magnetic properties for life.

Is a Thermoflow easy to fit?

It couldn't be simpler. A Thermoflow is placed onto the gas or oil pipe and held in position by nylon ties.  There are no pipes to cut, no electrical connections to make and the only tool required is some snips or scissors if you decide to trim the ends of the ties.  It is usually fitted as close to the fuel entry to the burners as possible, while keeping the unit cool.  

You may need an experienced fitter to identify the optimum position in a few cases, but full fitting instructions are supplied.  The fitting itself is simple, and removal is just as easy, so ...another common question:

Can I take my Thermoflow with me when I move?

In a word: YES!  Thermoflow units fasten around the fuel supply pipe with two Ny-Tie nylon wraps  By lifting the nib, they can be slipped open and the whole unit lifted off to fasten to your new boiler, whether it’s at new premises or a new boiler in the old.  Do check, though, that the new pairing is suitable; it usually is.

What about larger systems?

Very large domestic boilers and commercial systems will often need specialist fitting advice; email us with your boilers and system details for an opinion and a quotation.

Can I trust the seller?

Bioflow Ltd., started in 1991 as Ecoflow plc to market these fuel savers and is Europe's leading manufacturer of magnetic ionisation products.  It has won three major industry awards this century and is an ethical company, holding ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations.  The Bioflow Company is an Investor In People.

Sales are through an independent distribution network.  As your distributor, Pivotal Health (distributor 37953) has full company support and Bioflow Ltd. can always be contacted if required.

In the UK, customers range from domestic householders to small businesses such as solicitors’ offices, fish-and-chip shops and garages; from government organisations to large multi-national companies.  

The Bioflow Company’s products, now well over two million sales, are the leaders in their fields, respected and trusted.  Our confidence in the products allows the company to offer generous guarantees.


These are just a few of the many testimonials the Bioflow Company and distributors have received over the 20 years that people have been using Thermoflow.  They’ve been chosen to give you an idea of the benefits you might expect.

The cat’s not pleased!

Dear Sirs,

We have recently fitted a Thermoflow to our gas boiler.

The Advantages - We now only need our boiler control switch on 'low' even in the coldest weather, and the room reaches the temperature we require very quickly; therefore we must be saving money.

The Disadvantages - The radiators are now so hot that our cat, who used to sleep under a radiator with his back against the skirting board, now sleeps about a foot away from the radiator where we tend to trip over him; or he steals our favourite chair!

Mrs M. W

Wipes that smile away

On 27th February the gas serviceman arrived at our home to carry out the annual check and inspection of the central heating system.

"Ere, what's this then?" he enquired, as he began to strip down the gas fire and back boiler. "Oh that's a Thermoflow." I replied.  

"Whatsit do then?”  

“Saves me about 20% on my gas bill."

Then that smile, you know the one, came to his face. "Oh, wired to the moon, is it?”  

“No, it just sits there saving me money."

The service progressed and on conclusion the system was to be subjected to a Test.  

"What exactly is a Telegan Test?" I enquired.  

"It measures the ratio of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the flue."  

"Oh, I see" I said, not knowing too much about it. Emissions, I thought.

The test was duly carried out.  A Telegan reading of 40 or over and our 15-year-old system would have been condemned.  No worries though: the reading was only 7.

"Could you do me a favour, please?" I asked.

"Sure, what? “  

“Put the Thermoflow on and do the test again.  These 'things' are supposed to reduce emissions, you know."

"Really, is that right?"  On with the Thermoflow.  

"That's weird, I can't understand this." said he, twiddling with his meter, tapping its probe. "What's the reading?" I enquired.  

"I can't get a reading.  I don't believe this."  The Thermoflow was removed again: initially no reading, then 2, then 3, by which time that smile was starting to come back to his face. After a while 4, but that was it.

Despite having no wires to the moon, the Thermoflow saves me fuel, reduces harmful emissions and wipes that smile away all in one go! But then, I knew it would.


An interesting test

Results of test carried out on 24/2/97 using Thermoflow:

The boiler, a Thorn Apollo 50,000 BTU gas fired wall mounted unit, was fired up and allowed to stabilise. All eight radiator TRV's were opened up to maximum temperature. A water gauge was connected to the gas pressure test valve and a digital thermometer probe was fixed to the flow pipe where it emerged from the boiler.

After stabilisation, the reading on the flow pipe settled at 40.6°C. The Thermoflow was then fitted to the copper gas supply pipe approximately 18" from the burner, whereupon the temperature on the flow started to rise almost immediately; when it reached 51.3°C.  It appeared to steady and the Thermoflow was removed.

The temperature began to rise farther until it reached 57.2°C, where it settled for a short period before dropping to 40.6°C.

The test was terminated at this point and the Thermoflow was replaced on the gas supply pipe before reassembling the boiler housing.


As the water temperature increased by an amazing 22.75% and there was no increase in gas pressure or change in flame pattern, it must be concluded that the Thermoflow does, without question, increase the efficiency of the combustion process of fossil fuels.

R.G., Gibbs Mechanical Services.

Church Savings

I am writing to let you know how we got on at St. Chads with your Thermoflow units.

As you will remember you supplied us with three units; two for the church heating system and one for our church hall.  We have recently been able to compare this year's gas bill with last year's (before Thermoflow).

The results are very impressive: so far we have seen a saving of approximately £700, which is a saving of around 35%, for an initial outlay of £150!  Money well invested, however you look at it!!

RL, Church Warden


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