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The one-year
H2flow, Motoflow or Thermoflow
Trial Period

The Bioflow Company offers a risk-free 90-day trial.  When you buy through this website, we offer a 12-month trial for personal use, not for business use.  For this you MUST conduct the trial as detailed here.

The 12-month trial applies only to the first unit purchased.

There are five simple steps
to the trial:

  1. Have an accurate record of your previous fuel use.
  2. Buy the product and fit it – use our simple fitting guide.
  3. Keep a record of fuel use and note differing usage patterns.
  4. When full efficiency is reached, compare your figures of fuel use.
  5. Work out the value of your guaranteed 10 years of savings!

If you’re not satisfied, return your privately-used H2flow, Motoflow or Thermoflow  within 12 months, with our Pivotal Health receipt, for a full refund of the purchase price. There’s no risk, because you know the full costs up-front.

Our unbeatable

14-day no-quibble money back when returned in original condition.

90-day trial period:
if your H2flow, Motoflow or Thermoflow  does not
suit, return it within this
time with your Pivotal Health receipt for a refund.  We will deduct 15% of the cost for restocking.

10-year warranty on materials and parts.

Lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties.

Our promise of full service
at Pivotal Health for as long as you need it.


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Motoflow for Home Use

This guide is for smaller engines under 7 litres.  
If you have a larger engine, click here.
If you have a fleet, click here.

Motoflow is a simple but effective way to get the maximum value from your weekly fuel spend.  It tie-wraps onto your fuel line close to the engine and magnetically conditions the fuel as it passes to burn more effectively, so you can go further on a tankful (or get more power – but not both at the same time!)  It works for all common fuels: gas, petrol and diesel of all grades.

Motoflow units are easy to fit - they simply tie-wrap onto the fuel line with the removable Ny-Tie straps supplied, or your own.  Identify the fitting place, prepare the engine management system and fit  with a three-step routine, then use.  That’s it.  Your Motoflow can be moved to another vehicle just as simply, again and again for at least the 10-year life of the guarantee. There’s even a 90-day or 12-month money-back trial period.  You can’t lose!

FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY, Motoflows bought from this page come with an extended 12-month trial period, provided that the guarantee trial conditions are followed. See left for a summary, or the Motoflow Guarantee page for details.


Motoflow M1 & M2: both £60 RRP from

£43.70 or less inc. VAT on this website; £36.41 tax-free

Shipping costs : Post and packing at cost for one Motoflow:
M1 - UK: £5.30; Europe £11.45; World £13.70
M2 - UK: £5.30; Europe  £9.50; World £10.00

Shipping is much cheaper per item when you buy more in one delivery, but the calculator can add too much postage if you order different designs - see left.  
Be reassured: any excess postage you are charged is promptly refunded via PayPal.

See calculated shipping charge by clicking the checkout button (previous tab to return).
It includes insurance up to about £85 inc. VAT.  See right or SHIPPING for shipping options.


Warning: Motoflow is a powerful magnetic product and could affect magnetically-set
therapy devices such as pacemakers and other devices affected by a strong magnetic field.

Shipping Options: for faster delivery and insurance options, see the shipping pages.

Tax free price does not include any charges levied in your own country.

More About Using Motoflow


None of these are certain; some of them aren’t even easy to measure, of course.  But we guarantee your satisfaction or you can claim a refund – see the guarantee terms.  The benefits above have all been shown in tests and trials or observed by countless mechanics during servicing.  We at Pivotal have only once had a Motoflow returned in ten years of sales. We don’t expect you to want to be the second – Motoflow works!


For petrol engines under 1.4 litres, diesel under 1 litre, you’ll need one Motoflow M2.

For all other petrol and diesel engines up to 3 litres, one Motoflow M1.

For larger engines up to 5 litres and carburettor engines up to 7 litres; and for twin fuel lines, two Motoflow M1s (motorcycle twin-feed under 1 litre: two M2s).

If your engine is larger than this , see our guide for larger engines.


It’s often cost-effective to fit more treatment than this minimum, and get better fuel savings – but it’s a matter of diminishing returns.  Here’s a simplified example:

Let’s take a single M1 on a 4.2 litre petrol Land Rover, Mercedes or Jaguar engine.  It may give an 8% fuel saving, whereas fitting two M1s to the same fuel line might give 11% and including a third, maybe 12%.

Obviously, the second Motoflow won’t give the same return on your investment as the first – it’s only about a third extra saving as the first.  And another M1 would be maybe save only another 1% – not worthwhile unless you do mega-miles!  The first Motoflow will be saving you maybe £6.50 an 80-litre tankful and the second only £2.50 – but that’s £9 a time together. The extra £2.50 saving is worthwhile.

Over the Motoflow’s guaranteed lifetime of 10 years, if you use an 80 litre tankful a week, you’ll have saved £3300 on the first and £1250 on the second, which is £4600 in total -- not bad for a £110 outlay!  Of course, you probably won’t have the same vehicle in 10 years time.  But one of the advantages of Motoflow is that you can easily transfer the system from one vehicle to the next to the next...

So we often advise high-mileage customers (eg, service engineers, express freight) or high fuel-use (eg, taxis, local deliveries) with 2.3 litre engines to fit two M1s.  Although they'll get fine results with one, their investment in a second will give dividends quickly enough to be worthwhile.


Your choice:

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How Many M1s do you want?

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How many M2s do you want?

REQUIRED to insure your order: if your total order is over £85 inc. VAT (£65 tax free), you must buy a security/speed option below. For details see Shipping.

Sorry!  Our PayPal model has to charge full post, rather than a small addition, for each different Bioflow design after the first you buy in one order. This is usually £2 or £4.10 (UK), £7.50 (airmail). The extra is promptly refunded.

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