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The Bioflow Company offers a risk-free 90-day trial.  When you buy through this website, we offer a 12-month trial for personal use, not for business use.  For this you MUST conduct the trial as detailed here.

The 12-month trial applies only to the first unit purchased.

There are five simple steps
to the trial:

  1. Have an accurate record of your previous fuel use.
  2. Buy the product and fit it – use our simple fitting guide.
  3. Keep a record of fuel use and note differing usage patterns.
  4. When full efficiency is reached, compare your figures of fuel use.
  5. Work out the value of your guaranteed 10 years of savings!

If you’re not satisfied, return your privately-used H2flow, Motoflow or Thermoflow  within 12 months, with our Pivotal Health receipt, for a full refund of the purchase price. There’s no risk, because you know the full costs up-front.

Our unbeatable

14-day no-quibble money back when returned in original condition.

90-day trial period:
if your H2flow, Motoflow or Thermoflow  does not
suit, return it within this
time with your Pivotal Health receipt for a refund.  We will deduct 15% of the cost for restocking.

10-year warranty on materials and parts.

Lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties.

Our promise of full service
at Pivotal Health for as long as you need it.


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Motoflow for larger engines

The Bioflow Company’s Motoflow is a proven magnetic fuel conditioning system that improves the efficiency with which fuel burns in an engine. This is expected to give either more power or a saving in fuel.  Motoflow is designed to fit and remove in a few minutes, needing no alteration to fuel system, engine or vehicle.  Your warranties are not affected.


These benefits have all been shown in tests or observed by countless mechanics during servicing.  None of these are certain for each vehicle or even easy to measure, of course.  But we guarantee your satisfaction or you can claim a full refund – see the guarantee terms on the right.  

We at Pivotal have only once had a Motoflow returned in ten years of sales.  We don’t expect you to want to be the second – Motoflow works!


Right from the start in 1991, Motoflow was intended to be a no-trouble system that any layman could install and remove - unlike the complex and expensive electronic alternatives already developed by several motor manufacturers.  The robust cases have a 10-year guarantee and the magnets are warranted for life.


is the original design from 1991 in a rigid ABS resin case designed in 1994 and found to be extremely durable in practice.  The strontium ceramic magnets are quoted by magnet makers as losing flux at a rate which would see a reduction to half power in about 650 years.  The 250g Motoflow M1 is held onto the fuel line with two removable Ny-Tie straps.


was designed for the cramped conditions in modern engine bays.  Despite weighing under 40g  and being a sixth of the size, the Motoflow M2 is still half the power of the M1.  It uses the patented CRP process of the Thermoflow. The sealed case is of flexible resin and is secured to the fuel line with a single small removable Ny-Tie.  The M2’s neodymium magnet set is quoted by magnet manufacturers as falling to half power in about 250 years. The Motoflow M2 has been found in practice to be ideal as a conditioner for individual cylinders in large engines, as well as an ideal main unit in very small engines.

Specifying Motoflow for commercial
diesel engines over 3 litres

The number of Motoflow units required depends mainly on three factors:

Heavy use will make it cost-effective to use more Motoflow units.  We recommend experimenting with each vehicle type over some months to discover the optimum configuration for the best return on investment.  You can expect that for a well-used vehicle, even a 1% saving will be worthwhile.  In such vehicles, adding a further Motoflow beyond those needed for clear results to get this will often be beneficial.  

There are two basic Motoflow system configurations: units near each injector and units on the main fuel line (within a metre of the engine along the line).  In many systems, a combination of these two configurations works best.

If access permits, the best results come from fitting one Motoflow M2 to each injector pipe, therefore usually between four and six.  It might also prove that adding an additional one or two Motoflow M1s on the main fuel line will be cost-effective.  If modern, magnetically-controlled fuel induction is used on the vehicle, the Motoflow units must be no closer than 100mm  (4 inches) to the injector to avoid magnetic interference with the actuators. Such modern vehicles may also have well-shielded engines, making the Motoflow difficult to fit or raising the temperature of the area above 50C; in all of these cases the second method may have to be used.

The second method is to fit Motoflow M1s on the main fuel line to the engine, choosing rubber or plastic pipe with no steel braiding or non-ferrous metal pipe and within a metre of the engine along the line – the closer to the engine the better.  If fitting on steel or steel-braided line is essential, the results will be less good and take longer to to show, as the Motoflows find it more difficult to ‘condition’ a system including steel.  The exception is fitting to steel ‘bundy’ pipe very close to the injectors, which is why the first method above is best.

As a rule of thumb, on engines between 3½ and 5 litres, fit two Motoflow M1s and above 5 litres, three to six.  The optimum is usually one M1 per 2½ litres.

Choose for the initial Motoflow trial a vehicle which has achieved fairly consistent weekly or monthly fuel consumption.  Otherwise, it will be difficult to judge the savings.  Use more Motoflows than the minimum for the trial, to leave no doubt that the system does indeed perform as promised.  Then reduce until the optimum is found – the number to give a return on your investment in Motoflow within the time you choose.  Most businesses are happy to break even in 9 months.  They will then save the cost of the units every nine months on average for the next ten years at least, transferring the Motoflow system as each vehicle is retired and replaced.

Here is an example.  A Finnish long-distance haulier running Volvo V10 refrigerated rigs to Spain obtained a 5% fuel saving with two M1s on the fuel supply line (costing £120 inc. VAT at today’s price).  The fuel saving was increased to about 8% by adding a Motoflow M2 on each fuel injector pipe.  The extra 3% of fuel saved was worth the extra investment (£360), as payback per vehicle for the extra spend was within 4 months (allowing time for steel fuel line conditioning).  In the end, the haulier was saving (2003) about €370 per vehicle in diesel each week.

Smaller injection engines

On common rail diesel engines up to 3½ litres, we advise fitting one M1 unit as close as possible to the engine on the fuel line feed to the common rail.  On distributed diesel engines, we advise one M1 unit on the fuel line at the feed side of the fuel injection pump.  On petrol common rail engines up to 1.4 litres, fit one M2; above that one M1 or two M2s will give a worthwhile improvement.  Some high-powered twin-bank engines have two independent fuel lines.  A Motoflow unit will be needed on each half of the system, specified by treating each bank as a separate engine.

Older carburettor engines

We advise you to fit one M1 unit per fuel supply line, up to 7 litres engine capacity per unit. The unit should be supported so as not to displace the fuel line, if the fuel line is light enough for this to be a problem.  If it will fit, an M2 is appropriate where the fuel line is under 20mm diameter and engine size under 1.4 litres.  The Motoflow must be removed for service (ie, engine timing) then replaced on return.

Very large engines

Please give us the exact specification of engines such as those on construction equipment like dumpers and graders, stationery generators and marine diesels, and we will advise on the best configuration to try.  Our Bioflow network has wide experience and we can often find examples of your setup with Motoflow systems in use, which will be the best guidance.

We will need to know the make and capacity of the engine, the fuel, the materials of the fuel lines within a metre of the engine and the conditions of use.  Phone 01909 483 568 or email us by clicking here.


We want you to be certain that your investment in a Motoflow System is beneficial.  So we will require you to have a record of your fuel performance before fitting as a condition of the initial 90-day trial.  Many companies track fuel consumption today as a matter of course, so you may already have the figures. You will need to continue to keep records as the Motoflow conditions the system and begins to reach peak performance.  Once it is at full efficiency, you can monitor the savings to calculate the time of return on your investment.

The completion of the initial trial is the best time on larger engines to experiment with Motoflow configurations to achieve optimum results.  In the end, there is a trade-off of additional efficiency savings over initial cost, as the number of Motoflows fitted increases. You need to find that optimum, if cost-effectiveness is important to you.

Once optimum is reached and the Motoflow system paid for, you might care to calculate the 10-year return in fuel savings - it’s guaranteed for this long, so you might as well project for the likely benefits!

Fitting and conditioning

The general principle is to fit all Motoflow units as close to the combustion point as practicable, but in any case within one metre along the fuel line.  Motoflow should be fitted by preference on rubber, plastic, aluminium or copper fuel lines. Steel lines, or rubber lines with steel braiding (on the outside or moulded - and hidden - in the line) will take much longer to condition because the steel spreads and reduces the magnetic flux.  However, on fuel-injected engines (including all diesels), the proximity of injector lines to the combustion chamber makes them a good location even when they usually are steel.  On modern common rail injection engines, no Motoflow should be within 100mm proximity of any magnetic injection actuator.  Most systems are ‘hot fitted’ - instructions are supplied for this simple operation.

Large commercial diesel engines may take 12,000 miles to show full benefits, depending on Motoflow location and the amount of steel fuel line between the Motoflows and the injectors.  Small carburettor and common rail engines can usually get full results by 1000 miles and older diesel engines 3000 miles.  There is usually no initial result, then efficiency improvements come in gradually and strengthen till peak performance is gained. Occasionally, there is a longer ‘dead’ period and results show abruptly.



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Warning: Motoflow is a powerful magnetic product and could affect magnetically-set
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