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The one-year
H2flow, Motoflow or Thermoflow
Trial Period

The Bioflow Company offers a risk-free 90-day trial.  When you buy through this website, we offer a 12-month trial for personal use, not for business use.  For this you MUST conduct the trial as detailed here.

The 12-month trial applies only to the first unit purchased.

There are five simple steps
to the trial:

  1. Have an accurate record of your previous fuel use.
  2. Buy the product and fit it – use our simple fitting guide.
  3. Keep a record of fuel use and note differing usage patterns.
  4. When full efficiency is reached, compare your figures of fuel use.
  5. Work out the value of your guaranteed 10 years of savings!

If you’re not satisfied, return your privately-used H2flow, Motoflow or Thermoflow  within 12 months, with our Pivotal Health receipt, for a full refund of the purchase price. There’s no risk, because you know the full costs up-front.

Our unbeatable

14-day no-quibble money back when returned in original condition.

90-day trial period:
if your H2flow, Motoflow or Thermoflow  does not
suit, return it within this
time with your Pivotal Health receipt for a refund.  We will deduct 15% of the cost for restocking.

10-year warranty on materials and parts.

Lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties.

Our promise of full service
at Pivotal Health for as long as you need it.


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Choose Your Motoflow

Please check this whole page
before deciding which is your best option.

Petrol engine under 1.4 litres:

The M2 Motoflow is the recommended option, although the larger M1 may give slightly better fuel saving.  You may need to support the M1 if the fuel line is very lightweight – a tie-wrap to do this is supplied. Go here for personal use.  For business use or you’re fitting a fleet, click here.

Most petrol, diesel or LPG cars, 4x4s,
small vans and outboard motors:

You’ll need either one or two Motoflow M1s per engine, depending on engine size, fuel and whether you have one of the small number of twin-bank engines with two separate fuel lines.  Go here for more details and to purchase for private use.  For business use or to outfit a fleet, click here.

Trucks and other large vehicles with engine over 4 litres;
marine diesels 12 litres and under:

You’ll need roughly one Motoflow M1 per 2½ litres of capacity, or one M2 per cylinder, depending on your engine.  Go here for more details.

Fleets of cars, vans or trucks:

We advise you to first trial on one vehicle, preferably one with similar fuel consumption from week to week and ideally, one with a regular run.  This will eliminate variations of use from affecting the trial.  Once you’re satisfied that Motoflow works every time, you can order sets of units for the whole fleet.  And we’ll help your fleet manager to develop a system guide for installation and for exchanging Motoflows from each vehicle to its replacement as you update your fleet during the ten years of the guarantee and beyond.  See here for more help.

Construction equipment and large boats;
engines over 12 litres:

These vehicles tend to be very individual.  Please contact us for help – phone 01909 483 568 or email.  We’ll need to know your vehicle and engine type and capacity, your average fuel consumption and the amount & pattern of use.

Vehicles running on smooth floors
and stationary equipment like generators:

The Motoflow is not suited to working with these because the fuel line does not naturally vibrate.  The Thermoflow with CRP was developed for just these applications, as well as for boilers and furnaces.  Look above for similar engines, and follow the links to find the number of Motoflow M1s you need.  Then buy and fit the same number of Thermoflows instead.  The Motoflow M2 has CRP and is suitable as is.


For petrol engines under 1.4 litres, you’ll need a single Motoflow M2.
     Some motorcycles have twin fuel feeds and will need two Motoflow M2s.

For all other petrol engines and all diesels up to 3 litres, one Motoflow M1.

For larger engines up to 5 litres and for twin fuel lines, two Motoflow M1s.

If your engine is larger than this, see our guide for larger engines.


It’s often cost-effective to fit more treatment than this minimum, and get better fuel savings – but it’s a matter of diminishing returns.  Whether you’re considering a small truck or a six-axle rig, you ideally want to fit the optimum Motoflow set to give you the best return on investment.  So we often advise high-mileage customers (eg, service engineers, express freight) or high fuel-use customers (eg, taxis, local delivery) with 2 litre or 2.3 litre engines to fit three Motoflow M1s, once they’ve proved the value of two M1s.  


Here’s a simplified example that comes up frequently with smaller vehicles:

Let’s take a single Motoflow M1 on a 3.8  litre diesel injection Mercedes, Jaguar or Land Rover engine. On this larger light vehicle engine, a single M1 may give only an 8% fuel saving (as compared with, say, 11% on a 2.2 litre engine). But if you fit two M1s to the same fuel line, you might get 11%; and by including a third, maybe 12% saving.

We’re really answering the question:

Why is it sensible for most 2.5 litre and larger engines to have two Motoflow M1s, but maybe not three?

Obviously, the second Motoflow won’t give the same return on your investment as the first – it’s only about a third extra return beyond the saving you get from the first. The first Motoflow might be saving you maybe £6.50 per 80-litre tankful and the second only £2.50, but that’s £9 a fill together.  The extra £2.50 saving is worthwhile for all but the lowest annual mileage owners.  But the third M1 would maybe save only another 1% in this case – not worthwhile unless you do mega-miles!  You’d only save maybe 80p a tankful, which would take over 70 fills to get your outlay back.  Most users would find this too long to wait for savings to begin, even though you might save hundreds of pounds over ten years on this 1% return.  (With larger engines, it’s another story, though.  See here for more.)  But if 70 tankfuls of fuel takes only 15 months (that’s, say, five fills a week), it’s beginning to make a third M1 look a good long-term saver.

Over the Motoflow’s guaranteed lifetime of 10 years, if you use a typical 80 litre tankful a week, you’ll have saved £3,300 on the first and £1,250 on the second over 10 years, which is £4,600 in total - not bad for a £110 outlay!  Of course, you probably won’t have the same vehicle in 10 years time.  But one of the advantages of Motoflow is that you can easily transfer the system from one vehicle to the next to the next – and so on...  And the original Motoflows from 1991 are still going strong, so the guarantee is really a minimum!

So, in summary, although you’ll get fine results with one unit, your investment in a second will almost certainly give dividends quickly enough to be worthwhile.  If you drive a lot of miles  in this vehicle, a third M1 may pay you back handsomely.