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HOW BIOFLOW WORKS - the science

This page is in four parts, each explaining one of the factors that have made Bioflow the leading magnetic therapy.  We think that it’s a lot of the reason that nineteen out of twenty of our customers get a successful result.  If you’re short of time, read the green summaries to each section.

1. The empirical test: how can I tell if Bioflow works for me?

2. The medical test: the basis of the CRP System.

3. Bioflow enhancements for better performance: Relay and the Torc.

4. The science behind Bioflow usability.

PLUS: Using Bioflow for Spot Treatment.

1.  The Empirical Test

Summary: Skepticism is all very well, but the evidence for certain kinds of magnetic therapy - including Bioflow - is as solid as the evidence that other kinds get no useful results for most people.  You need to know which is which, and you can perfectly easily do your own trials with clear proof of whether it’s ‘in the mind’ or real.  That’s the trial which counts - your own!

Why Is There So Much Doubt?

Many people, even some doctors, claim that magnetic therapy can’t work. Why are they so sceptical?  It’s because medical and lay thinking about magnetic therapy today is in chaos! People don’t know what to believe, and with good reason!  Sellers’ explanations for how magnotherapy works are so often a mixture of the magical, the folk remedies and the snake-oil, with lashings of well-advertised pseudo-scientific hokum on top!

So you have to question who and what can you trust.  And what about the scientific research?  Doesn’t it show that stuff you can buy is no use at all?  It used to, yet research has, in the last few decades, come up with two related kinds of magnetic treatment you can get which have been clearly shown to give pain relief  Other recent trials on older systems have continued to demonstrate no useful results.  So how can we know what to believe?  And - let’s be sceptical again - are the trials with positive results genuine?

Are the claimed results real?

The problem is, people in pain and desperate for relief will try ANYTHING!  And often, they’re sure that they get relief.  So, how can you tell if it’s real, or the ‘placebo effect’ – wishful thinking – or even something else they did at the same time?  Maybe it really is the magnet that helped?  Well, just as with drugs, on each individual occasion you can never be sure.  Even if trials (say, on drugs) have cost multi-millions and are ‘proven’ effective, they may not work for you. And the side effects, unlike with magnetic therapy, may be dire.

But if you wear a magnetic appliance and it seems to work, then leave it off and get the old problem back, then it could be real.  And if you do this several times and get the same result each time, that’s almost a scientific study, with repeatable results.  And if you think you’re using the appliance and by accident you’re not and get your pains back, you’re close to certain: you blinded yourself to whether you were using the real thing or not.  For most thinking people, that’s a good enough personal trial to trust.  Of course, your experience may not apply to other people, but it’s good enough, accurate enough, for you.

When this is done by a research group on a lot of people, and neither the staff conducting the study nor the participants know whether each person has an appliance or a dummy, it’s called a double-blind study - and doctors sit up and take notice.  THAT’s when it goes well past random chance, or wishful thinking, or cheating.

The only magnetic wristband to have shown positive results in a medical trial like this is the Bioflow Central Reverse Polarity system made by Bioflow Ltd.  Maybe we should look at how it works.

2.  The Medical Test: the Magic of CRP

Summary: Bioflow’s Central Reverse Polarity system was developed for a boiler fuelsaver, the Thermoflow.  People coming into close contact with them reported pain relief; and investigation found that CRP copied the electromagnetic pain relief used in hospitals.  The CRP system was adapted for therapeutic use and re-patented.  It works, like the hospital equipment, by having huge magnetic power and rapid reversal of the magnetic poles.  No other wristband can do this.

It all began in the factory in the early 1990s.  Bioflow Ltd had begun making magnetic ionising fuel savers - one model for cars and trucks and a different kind for boilers and furnaces.  The boiler kind is called the Thermoflow, and has a patented magnetic design called Central Reverse Polarity.

The inventor was getting some strange stories from the shop floor.  Some of the older workers on the assembly line wanted to work only on the Thermoflow line - they said that working there relieved their back pain.  Similar stories came from distributors carrying Thermoflows in their pockets.

So he looked into it.  At this time, using magnets for pain relief was a pretty dodgy business - good results in medical trials were almost unknown.  But there was one success story: the magnetic therapy machines which were beginning to spread in hospital physiotherapy departments (they’re now provided almost everywhere).  

He discovered that his CRP system mimicked the way that the hospital electromagnetic machines worked, so - like any entrepreneur - he developed the wrist-sized Bioflow CRP using super-powerful neodymium magnets to keep the weight and size down while retaining the power of the hospital equipment.

The success of the hospital equipment comes because of two things that ordinary magnetic therapy lacks:

  1. Enormous power, 20 to 30 times that of typical wrist magnets, and
  2. Rapidly changing magnetic flux: the north and south poles swap over many times a second.

Bioflow’s CRP also has these two critical features that make all the difference. The diagram below shows how.  As your arterial blood flows quickly past the CRP unit on your wrist, it crosses the outer ring south pole, the main north pole and the south pole again.  Returning to your heart in your veins, it does it again.

Because the CRP’s large magnet is so powerful, the effective field can penetrate your wrist to the larger blood vessels, not just the small ones on the surface.  We think that the main reason for the poor performance of ordinary magnets is the poor penetration of their weak fields, with an effective reach very little below surface blood vessels.  A high-powered reversing flux effect such as used by Bioflow has been many times proven to significantly improve pain relief.

3.  Bioflow Enhancements

Summary: The Bioflow CRP system can be enhanced in three ways: by spreading the field over the pulse point, by using a Relay Magnet to draw the field further into the body, and by using multiple CRP systems.  We at Pivotal are sure that all of these improve the pain relief.

Torc Bracelets

Our Bioflow Torc Bracelets get extra effectiveness by spreading the flux-changing magnetic field across more of the blood vessels in your wrist.  They each have two half-power CRP systems, built into the ball ends of the torc ring. Torc bracelets seem in practice to be as effective as the Relay System below, but must be worn with the CRP modules on the inside of your wrist to be effective.

The CRP Relay System

Even though the standard Bioflow CRP system in the basic wristbands gets good results, it has to be worn in an area of plenty of blood flow near to the skin.  So the Bioflow unit must be on the inside of your wrist or over another pulse point such as the carotid artery to get effective therapy.

A simple way to improve the effect is to wear more CRP units, and people tried using multiple wristbands quite early on, usually with success.  Our Pirouette and Ascot fashion bangles use two units and have shown, in our experience at Pivotal, to provide noticeably better pain relief than all other Bioflows, though at a much higher cost than most because they’re also quality jewellery.  

But in the late 1990s another, cheaper system was discovered - the relay magnet.  This is sewn into the wristband across the wrist from the main CRP unit, with its south pole opposite the north pole of the CRP.  It attracts the field further into the wrist, as you can see in this diagram.  Relay wristbands can be worn any way round on the wrist and give better pain relief than basic Bioflow systems, though not as good as twin CRP systems like the Pirouette.

4.  The Science Behind Bioflow Usability

Summary: Bioflow systems are ineffective if wrongly used and can be made much more effective if simple rules are followed.  Using the back as the therapy side will make Bioflow CRP units as ineffective as ordinary magnets.  Not using Bioflow on an area with good blood flow will much reduce its effect.  Following three simple rules will give even greater benefits.

Getting the best from your Bioflow in practice: THREE SIMPLE RULES

1.  Get your main therapy with a wristband or other CRP system worn in an area of high blood flow such as a pulse point.  This will work through your whole body, as well as any specific point that has pain.

2.  Allow enough time for the Bioflow to work.  In some conditions (for example: angina, high blood pressure, carpel tunnel syndrome and circulation problems, causing cold hands and feet), Bioflow often gives obvious results within a few minutes and usually in days.  Most conditions, though, rarely show obvious help except after at least a week and the benefits build over several months.  Most arthritis is in this group.  In rare cases, it takes several months for any benefits to show and such people may only realize the benefits that have grown by removing their Bioflow for a week and allowing the old condition to return.

3.  Help the Bioflow to work by following a sensible diet and drinking plenty of fluids.  Of course, even without the Bioflow, improving your diet and avoiding dehydration is likely to alleviate your problems somewhat.  But I’m considering here that your Bioflow will be helping your body to eliminate a lot of toxins, and if you’re poisoning yourself already with excess sugar, salt and fat or far too much protein; if you’re eating too little fibre (roughage) for your gut to work properly; or if your body has so little water that your poison elimination and your immune system are crippled, then you can hardly expect your Bioflow to do its job properly.  If you’ve recently had a medical checkup, your doctor or nurse will have already have mentioned these points.

Getting the best from your Bioflow in practice: the DON’Ts.

4.  Don’t try to use the back of a CRP unit for therapy

    We’ve already mentioned a key issue: penetration.  Magnetic fields drop off very rapidly with distance from the magnet.  You can prove this yourself with any magnet and a steel key.  Bioflow’s enormous power is much more than you require for pain relief.  But the power needs to be so high to deliver the small, reversing field that you need for therapy to areas deep beneath your skin.  It’s this that ordinary magnets are unable to do.  

    The weak, ordinary magnets from most suppliers (which they often call ‘powerful’!) have been proven in medical trials on bed sores to work quite well in promoting healing on the surface of the skin.  They’re simply wrapped in the dressings over the sore and can accelerate healing time by a third.  But for most therapeutic uses this is not enough, as so many unsuccessful medical trials have shown.

    So even with Bioflow’s power, positioning the CRP units correctly is important.  If you apply the back (south) side to your skin there will be almost as little therapeutic effect as from ordinary magnets because the CRP’s shell turns nearly all of the power of this pole to the front side to provide the flux-changing effect along with the north pole.

5.  Don’t use a CRP unit in an area of poor blood flow except for spot treatment

    The Bioflow CRP system gets its high success rate from acting on your blood as it passes the CRP module.  So it makes sense to use it where there is a grouping of larger blood vessels.  The usual place is on the wrist for people, on the neck (carotid artery) for small animals or on the legs for large animals like cows and horses, which have a strong, accessible blood flow in the legs.

    But if this usual place is not available, any similar place is fine.  For example, people can use a wristband inside the ankle; dogs can lie on a Biopad, where the six CRP modules can work on their legs.

Using Bioflow for Spot Treatment

Using Bioflow for pain relief through the blood is often all the help you need.  But when the pain gets worse, more power may be needed, and it’s probably most effective to consider spot treatment.  Any CRP unit can be used for this, but several together get better results in most cases.  

The Bioflow Boost Kit has six CRP units paired on velcro-fastened pads, which attach to belts of different lengths.  These can effectively place the CRP units over the areas of greatest pain.  Individual CRP units of any kind - for example, most Bioflow bracelets - can also be used for spot treatment in the same way.

The principle in each case is is to place Bioflow CRP modules directly over the source of the pain.  We believe that this stimulates the cells in that area to eject pain-causing chemicals like lactic acid and possibly to promote healing of damage more quickly than the whole-body treatment of a wristband alone can manage.  It works in the same way that surgeons in hospitals send recovering patients for electromagnotherapy, which has been shown to improve the speed of wound healing by typically 25%-30%.

To see why I think that Bioflow completely outclasses alternatives,
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major blood vessel

minor blood vessel

Diagram showing how the Bioflow CRP system works

Central Reverse Polarity unit with
ultra-power magnet inside steel shell

CRP at work - blood in veins and arteries
crosses a rapidly changing magnetic field

Diagram showing how the Bioflow CRP system with relay magnet works

Central Reverse Polarity unit with ultra-power magnet inside steel shell

blood vessel

CRP Relay System penetrates more deeply for improved therapy

small Relay Magnet draws magnetic field further into wrist

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