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  5. Work out the value of your guaranteed 10 years of savings!

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H2flow Water Treatment

for limescale reduction and health benefits

H2flow is The Bioflow Company’s take on magnetic water treatment.  
It’s the cheapest on the market - yet we guarantee it to be as effective as any other system.  It’s simplicity itself to fit to your home water inlet
and just as easy to remove to take with you when you move house.  
H2flow has a 10-year guarantee.
What does it do?  The scientific claims discussed below say that it
reduces limescale problems, removes the limescale currently in
your water system, improves the flavour of your water and
helps to prevent dental caries.  We can vouch for the first
three, and - putting our money where our mouth is -
Pivotal will extend the money-back guarantee from
90 days to a year for home use.  
Try H2flow - you can’t lose!

And those claims of improved plant growth
and algal suppression? See here.

See more about H2flow below the order form


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Warning: H2flow is a powerful magnetic product and could affect magnetically-set
therapy devices such as pacemakers and other devices affected by a strong magnetic field.

Shipping Options: for faster delivery and insurance options, see right or the shipping pages.

Tax free price does not include any charges levied in your own country.

More About Using H2flow

This section includes:
the benefits you might expect from using H2flow,
how many H2flow units you might need,
plants and algal growth,
Frequently Asked Questions and
some testimonials.


Limescale Reduction in your whole system.  H2flow should reduce your limescale problems to trivial, eventually removing all scale from your system.

Reduced heating costs.  Less limescale in the pipes and heat exchangers means that your hot water system uses less fuel, so you save gas or electricity heating the water.

No Hassle.  H2flow needs no plumbing in and has no running costs. Although it’s one of the most effective water conditioners on the market, it is inexpensive, fits in a few minutes without tools and is equally easy to remove and take with you when you move to a new house.

Better Tasting Water.  H2flow water conditioning will usually improve the flavour of your water compared with untreated water.

AND MAYBE... a reduction in your children’s liability to dental caries. US medical trials have shown that children drinking magnetized water seem to have less dental caries than their neighbours drinking untreated water. The American Dental Association endorses these findings.

All of these benefits have been shown in tests or observed by countless plumbing engineers during servicing.

We at Pivotal have only once had an H2flow returned in seven years of sales.  We don’t expect you to want to be the next – H2flow works.



It’s simple.  You’ll need one Thermoflow for almost all domestic systems.  The exception is where your house water supplies are fed mainly from a loft cistern (most older systems) and you’re unlikely to use a tankful twice a day.

H2flow’s conditioning effect decays with time, and has largely gone after, say, 24-48 hours.  If your cold water is stored in the loft cistern for that time, you’ll need a second H2flow on the downpipe from the cistern, or only the main kitchen cold water supply will be sufficiently treated.  Modern systems are pressurised, with no gravity feed from a loft cistern, so this problem doesn’t arise.  

So if your hot water is stored in a hot water cylinder rather than fed ‘on demand’, you probably have a loft cistern - poke your head up and check, and if you have, decide whether you need that second H2flow.


All but large commercial buildings will be fine with one H2flow.  Our recent fitting of a high-tech office building with 40 tenant companies did require three, though - and they were immediately delighted with the improved water quality in the kitchens; limescale reduction takes longer to be noticeable. If you have a supply pipe larger than a domestic one, contact us for a quote, by email or telephone.





What benefits are there from fitting H2flow to my system?

How does H2flow work?

How much money can be saved?

Is there a guarantee?

Is an H2flow easy to fit?

What if I have a larger water system?

Can I trust the maker?

What benefits are there from fitting H2flow to my system?

The primary advantage of H2flow is that it reduces or completely eliminates the accumulation of limescale in your water system.  There are only two areas of difficulty: evaporation and very hot water.  

When hard water is left lying in a puddle and evaporates, it leaves the lime behind as a deposit - for example, on your work surfaces and in your shower head or bath.  When it has been H2flow-treated, the lime will be a fine powder and will rub or brush away easily.  But if you allow it to build up for a long period, it can revert and become nearly as hard as ordinary limescale.  The moral of this is to clean up regularly!  

Very hot water tends to ‘kill’ the effect of the H2flow and returns the lime to its old hard state (technically, the lime’s crystal system reverts to calcite).  So there may a small build-up of lime in kettles, dishwashers and washing machines around the elements, although trivial compared to the effect without H2flow treatment. This is trivial in kettles if water is not reboiled - stale, ‘de-magnetized’ water should be poured out and replaced with fresh treated water.  Only the faintest of limescale deposits will then be seen in the kettle and this will not grow.  Most people in districts with the hardest water are delighted that their kettle always looks as though it was descaled only a few days ago.

The lime itself stays in the water to benefit your health and discourages the water from picking up of metals from your pipes, but the lime should not stick to surfaces. This is in contrast to water ‘softening’ devices and water jug filters, which either add chemicals to the water or ‘ion exchange’ the lime for salt, with its health disadvantages.  Water Authorities discourage or ban the fitting of these devices on your main cold drinking water outlet (usually the kitchen cold tap) for health reasons.  There is no such difficulty with H2flow-treated water, which is perfectly safe to drink and usually has an improved flavour.

If house plants are topped-up with treated water, they tend to grow a little more vigorously.  Cut flowers will last a few days longer.  We haven’t ever discovered the reason for this, but it’s well-attested: magnetic water treatment has been found commercially to improve yields in irrigated crops by up to 10%.

Similarly, effective magnetic water treatment has been shown to inhibit growth of algae (which are not plants) so that when fitted to the circulation pipes of pools algal growth is slower.  Bars have also found that fitting H2flow to the beer lines increases the time before the lines need to be cleaned to remove algal growth.


How does H2flow work?

This is the one of our products whose scientific background has been clearly established, probably because, unlike the fuel and blood conditioners, it’s simple to do the research with just a powerful microscope.  The research was conducted at several US universities.

Water that has been correctly magnetically treated has the crystal system of its suspended lime (calcium carbonate) changed from the usual one (calcite) to another (aragonite).  The change is temporary, as aragonite is not stable at normal temperature and pressure.  This is useful because calcite crystals tend to stick together and to other surfaces to make the familiar stalactites and stalagmites, whereas aragonite forms fine, needle-shaped crystals which tend to remain separate.

So the lime in water treated with H2flow does not form scale until the effect has gone.  Even more usefully, the aragonite crystals to tend to grow as the water flows, by collecting lime from the limescale already coating pipes, tanks and other surfaces.  So, over a period of months to years, your existing limescale should gradually disappear as long as the H2flow is still in place.


How much money can be saved?

Thermoflow will save you money by improving the efficiency with which your boiler fuel burns.  H2flow does it differently.  Because water heating needs a good conduction of heat from the heat source through the pipes into the water in your heater or hot water cylinder, any limescale coating the heating coils will slow down the transfer and make the heating less efficient.  Because H2flow removes the limescale and prevents more from forming, it will save you some money in water heating.  

How much money can be saved?  It’s very hard to work out, but is certainly not as much as from improving fuel efficiency.  The saving will depend mostly on how ‘rocked-up’ your pipes and cylinder already are with limescale.  There are plenty of systems right now in hard water areas where the 10 mm pipes have only a 2 mm hole in the limescale for the water to pass through and the hot water cylinder is half full of broken limescale pieces, reducing the amount of hot water that can be stored.  The owners will have been complaining about the poor water pressure!

Though it will take a year or more, H2flow will clear out this limescale without either acid flushing or pipework replacement, both of which are invasive and costly.

H2flow is not needed for central heating, though, because the central heating system is a closed one and filled with a special fluid rather than clean water.  This fluid should contain limescale inhibitors.


Is there a guarantee?

Yes, and it’s unconditional.  Your H2flow comes from the manufacturer with a 90-day trial period (your purchase price refunded if not satisfied) and a 10 year guarantee on the materials and construction.  The magnet sets are of strontium ceramics, which magnet makers say should take over six centuries to drop to half power!  So there is also a lifetime warranty on the magnetic properties.

In addition to this, we at Pivotal will - for domestic use only - extend the 90-day trial to a year.  That’s how confident we are that H2flow works, and works well!

Please see the guarantee conditions.  As usual, if you don’t do your part, guarantees don’t apply.


Is an H2flow easy to fit?

Yes - simplicity itself; and likewise to move it.  An H2flow unit is tied to the inflow water pipe with two Ny-Ties; these and full instructions are in the box.  These tie-wraps can be removed when you move house (or you can cut them off - replacements are commonplace), so you can take your H2flow with you to your new home.  This is a big advantage over other magnetic water conditioners, which are not as easy to fit and remove, usually requiring to be plumbed in and probably connected to your electricity mains, too.  

So H2flow is not only the least expensive whole-system water treatment available; it also has no running costs and is the simplest to fit and remove!

What about larger systems?

The number of H2flows needed for larger commercial water systems needs careful calculation.  For a quotation, please email us or telephone.  You’ll need to send us your supply pipe’s internal (or external plus material thickness) diameter and your total consumption for at least a few months, preferably a full year.  We’ll also need to know whether there are occasional or regular peaks of demand which are more than ten times the normal daily consumption.


Can I trust the maker?

The Bioflow Company, begun in 1991 as Ecoflow Ltd., Set out to to market fuel savers.  It is now Europe's leading manufacturer of magnetic ionisation products.  It has won three major industry awards this century and is an ethical company, holding ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations.  Bioflow Ltd. is an Investor In People.

Sales are through an independent distribution network.  As your distributor, Pivotal Health has the full company support and The Bioflow Company can always be contacted if required. In the UK, customers range from domestic householders to small businesses such as solicitors’ offices, fish-and-chip shops and garages; from government departments and organisations to large multi-national companies.  

The Bioflow Company’s products, now well over two million sales, are the leaders in their fields, respected and trusted.  Their confidence in the products allows the company to offer generous guarantees.




These are just a few of the many testimonials The Bioflow Company and distributors have received over the 18 years that people have been using H2flow.  They’ve been chosen to give you an idea of the benefits you might expect.

To my dismay…

After years of deriding the claims of water softening and anti-scaling devices my father, to my dismay, purchased one of your products.  He lives, as I do, in Southampton, a very hard water area.

The device has been fitted for some months now and we have had to accept that the kettle element, which used to be 1/8th inch thick in scale, has now only a light deposit on it. The filter in the washing machine has a light powdery residue collected in it rather than the pieces of scale and sharp granules as before.

I have now purchased a petrol economiser (Motoflow), as I have had to accept that your ionisation device works. I look forward to improved petrol consumption also.



We were dubious…

I was so pleased with my Bioflow magnotherapy bracelet that we bought Thermoflow units to reduce gas consumption and also H2flow to deal with the limescale problem in this area. My husband fitted these units four weeks ago, and I must tell you that we were very dubious that they would work, mainly, I think, because they were so simple to fit.  We were amazed by the results, which are better than your distributor suggested.

We turned down the boiler setting, because the water from the taps as well as the radiators became much hotter than we needed.  I have also noticed less limescale.  The sinks and taps no longer get stained and what limescale there was in the kettle just rinses away instead of caking onto the element as before.

It seems to me that it can only benefit our other appliances and the whole plumbing system. I wish we had known about these marvellous products years ago, but I am told they are not available in the shops so I am telling all our friends.

PS. I am using less washing powder!                                                                            R H C


Skin benefits

The most unexpected and beneficial improvement for the whole family is that since having the H2flow fitted our skin, which was always dry and flaky after washing/showering, is actually smoother and softer, which has reduced the amount of money previously spent on skin products.

Mrs T L Palazzo


Our tap water in now drinkable

I purchased two of your products from my good friend Stephen Cordner, namely the Motoflow engine conditioner for my Renault Savanna Estate and a Bioflow health bracelet for myself.

I have achieved amazing petrol savings with the engine conditioner and only have to fill up with unleaded petrol every three weeks, instead of every two, with I believe, an approximate decrease in fuel consumption of 12%.

However the bracelet proved a bit of a failure, mainly because I was allergic to the material to which the magnet was attached. Therefore I returned the bracelet for a refund.  Stephen would have given me cash, but I preferred to put the money towards the cost of an H2flow because we live in such a hard water area.

Again, I can report brilliant success.  Our tap water is now drinkable, whereas before it was most unpalatable.  My automatic washing machine will have a longer life and my taps and kettle no longer have unsightly scale deposits.

Jenny Dean

Note: Bioflow bracelets now use nickel-free stainless steel, polyester and nylon, to which few people are allergic.  A copper model is available.


Showerhead cleansing

The result of using two H2flows has been truly excellent.  We have now had a fully operable shower for over one year without showerhead cleansing problems and without a decreasing flow rate, which is the forerunner of erratic temperature control and eventual breakdown as the cylinder 'Rocks Up'.

Mr.T. Eidsforth


Banging from the kitchen

Well, the problem of hard water certainly seems under control in our household.  I would never have believed it, if it had not happened to me personally.  The other week, I had put the kettle on to make yet another 'cuppa' when I heard a rather loud banging noise coming from the direction of the kitchen.  I thought that Tony, my husband, must have put the 1812 Overture on the CD player, as it sounded like cannon fire.

To my surprise, it was the limescale, which had built up in the kettle prior to our fitting the H2fiow unit, now being 'blown' off the sides of the kettle.  I switched the kettle off immediately, letting the water cool down before I dare take the lid off to peer inside to see.  The limescale had not only come off from the sides and the bottom of the kettle but it had come off in complete pieces!

I was rather pleased with this result, as I don't think Tony was as sold on the idea as myself, but after this little incident there was no further case to answer for the H2flow in our household.

Janet Jackson


No furring in the kettle

Since using the H2flow unit on our main water pipe we have had no furring up of the element on the kettle.  This is a good indicator that it is working.  Our area has hard water so we are very pleased with the results.  Our 20-year-old cat is far more agile and has taken on a new lease of life since wearing a Bioflow Collar.

Eileen Close


Garden pond

Since fitting H2flow to the circulatory system of my garden pond I've never seen the water so beautifully crystal clear.  The fish have been breeding prolifically and the young survived the winter in far greater numbers than usual, in a healthy condition, even though a Kingfisher now visits regularly.

A Vinton


A clean pool in St Tropez

One of my customers fitted 2 x H2Flow units to the plastic pipe of his swimming pool near St Tropez this summer.  He tells me that the water has never been as clear, the pool has never been as clean, the smell/reaction of chlorine has gone and he is saving a lot of money for chemicals and cleaning.

Bryan Pinches


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