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Bioflow Elite


Flash and dash – elegant yet tough:  
the stainless steel watch-style Elite
covers all bases.
Featuring the Bioflow CRP Relay system,
this is magnotherapy for the savvy.
The Elite is available in small (ladies’)
& large (gent’s) sizes and three finishes:
steel, two-tone and full gold plate.
The super-discount price, while stocks last,
is for Elites without packaging. These are also available
with a display box at extra cost, and, of course, we also have Elites in current packaging at our normal discount price.

Elite: £77.70 stainless steel &  £79.70 2-tone finish
Manufacturer’s selling price £99 (gold plate discontinued - last at £100)

OUR OFFER: ladies’ gold £69.70 while stocks last

And still with our famous at-cost shipping,  
90-day trial, full guarantees and customer service.

Want more details about the Elite?  See below.
Need a spare clasp or a repair?  See bottom of page.

LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER - probably a world bargain!

We have bought stocks of perfect but older Elites from a retiring distributor.  These are in the usual protective wrappers and come in old-style environmentally-friendly kraft box or clamshell case, which are more expensive to post.

So we are offering them at an astonishing price, with packaging as an optional extra.  Any additional cost of posting them in case is included in the display box price. Stocks of reduced Elites except the ladies’ gold plate have now run out.

See all options in the photo below for comparison with current packaging, which is still at our normal reduced prices.



Elite stainless steel CRP magnetic therapy bracelet
in stainless steel, two-tone or exclusive full gold plate

Shipping costs : Post and packing at cost for one Elite is:
         UK: Large   £4.08; Small  £3.70..
Europe: Large £11.10; Small £10.50
World: Large £10.75; Small   £9.75

Shipping is usually cheaper per item when you buy more in one delivery, though this discount won’t always show up in the checkout box. Unlike other sellers, we refund you any postage paid beyond the actual cost to us.  Those offering ‘free’ shipping always charge you as if every item is dispatched separately - even if they come together.



The Pirouette is stylish and strong, in polished stainless steel, with optional gold plate. 
The discreet Executive is technically advanced in stainless steel and leather.
The Windsor is in leather or silicone rubber with a triple stainless steel therapy module.

More about the Elite


The relay system means that your Elite can
be worn any way round on the wrist, though
some people are convinced that  placing the
CRP module right over the pulse is more
effective.  You should wear it slightly loose,
so that it can move around a  little for better therapy.
Most people wear their Bioflow Elite on the opposite wrist to their watch.
They can be worn on the same wrist, though the CRP module must then be on the opposite side of the wrist to the watch, as it will temporarily stop most kinds of watch with moving hands.

The Elite is officially water-resistant, with a gasket-sealed module.  We have heard of no problems with seal failure even from people who regularly swim wearing their Elite, though - as with most watches - we don’t recommend you to dive in one!  Clean it occasionally with mild detergent and an old toothbrush.

The alloy of the gold plate is harder than electroplated gold, but as with solid gold and titanium, it is wise not to abrade it on grit, such as by rubbing your wrist on a bare tabletop, which will have hard silicon dioxide (sand) micro-particles from the air on it. With ordinary care, the plating will last for many years.  The stainless steel is harder, and if it is scratched, can be polished with ordinary metal polish.  Handyman polishing tools are useful for such a task and easier than using a polishing cloth.


Forged from anti-allergenic stainless steel in a pleasing combination of polished and satin finish, the Elite’s module contains a full-power CRP unit, complemented by the Relay magnet built into the clasp.  For details of how the relay system works, go to our Science and Theory section.  All the steel we use is nickel-free, so its non-allergenic properties should cause no problems for people who often reach badly to metals against their skin.

The Elite’s bracelet is made from slightly flexible interlocking solid steel links for comfort and strength; they are striped in a polished and satin finish to heighten the elegance of their fine craftsmanship, with the polished stripes gold-plated in the two-tone model.  The clasp is adjusted by sliding along the bracelet; it locks at every link.  Several of the links on both sides of the clasp can be removed, to avoid too long an end in small sizes.


The two sizes of the Elite module and bracelet correspond to Gents’ and Ladies’ traditional watch sizes.  Both sizes are available in polished alternating with satin steel, with optional two tone gold highlighting on the polished links and the embossed and polished Ecoflow logo on the module, or in full two micron gold plate.  

The Elite is designed to fit these sizes of wrist:

Small (ladies):  120 – 200 mm  (about 4¾ – 8 in)

Large (gents):  140 – 220 mm  (about 5½  – 8¾ in)

Clasp Repair is available direct from Bioflow Ltd for a nominal £5 including return postage; this involves bending the small clip which snaps onto the clasp, to give a tighter fit. You can also do this yourself or get a local jeweller to do it - if they’re not a national chain, they will usually do this without charge for a customer.  Contact Bioflow Ltd. direct.

Replacement clasps are supplied on request as a service (there is no shipping charge if ordered with other goods.)  There may be a delay in supply if we are out of stock, as we must make this part of a larger order from the warehouse to avoid huge shipping costs relative to their value.



See more below Bioflow MAGNOTHERAPY  SYSTEMS

Elite Boxes Compared

Any old stock Elite can be sent with any old-style box (top three).

Steel old-style clamshell jeweller’s box,
blue or red velvet covered, satin lined.
£3.50 extra, including extra postage.

ISO 14000 environmentally-friendly
old-style card box with velvet lining.
£2.90 extra, including extra postage.

Current card box with transparent lid,
in black or blue with velvet lining.
Not available for old stock Elites.

Unboxed old stock Elite sent in padded envelope with current instructions.

If no box is ordered, shipping cost is the same as for current stock.

Pirouette in steel
or 4 gold finishes

Gent’s Two-Tone,
Ladies’ steel,
Ladies' Gold Plate


Price each:

Elite clasp (included with other orders)

when buying with any full product


Price each:

Elite replacement clasp when buying alone. Choose from the options for your destination.
UK p&p £2.10; EU £4.20; worldwide tax-free £4.70; for all (small) quantities. We do not supply in bulk.

Send to UK:


Price each:

Send to EU:

Executive in black
or brown leather



Price each:

Send worldwide:

Windsor black
leather or silicone


Choose your Elite first and add it to your cart,
then return here to choose a box if you wish.

Old Stock Elite only:

Optional - choose a gift box
Card: £2.90;
Red/Blue £3.50

See illustration below.

PAYMENT: PayPal is our merchant banker.  Depending on your browser, they are currently calling people who want to pay by card ‘guests’.  There is NO NEED to join PayPal, however.  If you don’t want to use PayPal, just follow the ‘guest’ links and you can pay with your card as usual.  If the word ‘guest’ isn’t used, just click the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button.

TAX: tax free price does not include any charges levied in your own country.

Warning: Bioflow CRP is a powerful magnetic product and could affect magnetically-set therapy devices such as pacemakers.  See the page How To Use Your Bioflow’ for help.

Choose your Elite:

Choose your Elite:

Choose your Elite:

Choose your Elite:

Choose your Elite:

Choose your Elite: