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Magnotherapy IN ACTION

Bioflow Testimonials

Where’s the proof?

First, over three million Bioflows have been sold, with no reports of medical problems or side effects except initial detoxification effects for a minority, and with the vast majority of purchasers reporting good results.  

How do we know?  We at Pivotal follow-up and support our customers – so that our customers recommend us to new customers.  We believe that to succeed in business you must put the customer first!  Our satisfaction rate at Pivotal is high - more than 19 of every 20 people who buy from us tell us that they’re satisfied with their Bioflow.  We know it’s true because we keep in touch.  And most of those who claimed their refund were happy to recommend their friends and family to try out a Bioflow bracelet too.  As they tend to say, “You’ve nothing to lose but your pain!”

Second, Bioflow is very successful with animals.  If it was ‘all in the mind’, you wouldn’t expect vets to express such pleased surprise!  In fact, our best testimonial tends to be an arthritic dog - success in getting a stiff dog active again is almost 100%.
Third, an independent medical trial, funded by the UK Arthritis Research Campaign, compared the standard Bioflow CRP unit to an ordinary magnet and (of course) a dummy.  It found the Bioflow to be significantly better than the placebo and the ordinary magnet. You can read the report in the British Medical Journal of 2004/12/16, or see a short summary here.


On this page are a few genuine letters and press reports out of thousands received from some of over two million people who’ve benefited from Bioflow wristbands. We’ve included these few to show you the personal side of what Bioflow can do for people.  You may not get such good results as these people, but it’s not uncommon.

We have edited most letters for length and to help protect people from getting hundreds of phone calls asking, ‘is this really true?’  It is, and the originals are on file with Bioflow or a distributor. These letters are truly in their own words,  a few from over 10 years of files. There are thousands more.

NOTE:  Do be careful about testimonials. It’s all too easy for a seller to elicit testimonials from customers (and occasionally invent them!) and publish these success stories.  Even weak magnets have a few real successes, so every seller will have such letters.  If a reseller sells 10,000 magnetic bangles, one person in a hundred gets results and one in 20 of these can be persuaded to give a testimonial, that’s five useable stories.  Yet the success rate is miserable - you’d likely be wasting your money, even if it was only £10!

What you, as a careful enquirer, want to know is “Will it work for me?”  In real terms, this means “How typical are these testimonials of the whole of this seller’s customers?”

The letters below are among of the more successful stories we’ve been sent, but are still sufficiently representative of the experience of our customers at Pivotal that we’ve spoken to - which is nearly all of them.  As we said above, more than 19 out of 20 of our customers were satisfied that their Bioflow system worked for them.  We don’t think that any other kind of static magnet system gets results anything like this good.

I Stopped Taking All Medication

I am a retired GP with forty years’ experience in the medical profession.  I am also a former lecturer and examiner for health education for a university.  Prior to wearing the Bioflow I was regularly having to take analgesics for a frozen shoulder and also cervical spine pain (the latter condition suggesting the onset of osteoarthritis).

To make a proper assessment of the effect of wearing the Bioflow, I stopped taking all medication.  Within a few hours of starting to wear the Bioflow, I noticed a slight improvement in the mobility of my shoulder, and after a few days, full mobility of the shoulder was restored.  Within the same period of time the cervical spine pain had gone completely.  Provided I wear the Bioflow, I am completely pain free and do not take any relief medication.

In my opinion, these considerable improvements in my health are entirely due to wearing the Bioflow.

Dr. B. L. McG; L.M., B.S., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S.

Arthritis – I’m over the moon!

I have had a Bioflow for approximately two years with exceptional results for my arthritis all over. I did not realise how much good it was doing me until I lost it whilst on holiday. I was in agony and desperate for another one. Now after three days with my new one I am over the moon as it has certainly worked and more. You don’t realise how good it is until you are without it, you just take it for granted.


Tennis Elbow

My wife bought me a Bioflow wristband and a Boost to help my aching elbow and knee.  I had an operation on my elbow a couple of years ago, when my Tennis Elbow got too painful to bear.   However, there continued to be some pain even 2 years after the operation and recently my knee started to develop some pain.   Within a month of wearing the Bioflow and using the Boost in particular areas, the pain in my elbow and my knee have disappeared and I can comfortably move my arm in all directions again - and carry on with my weight training! 


Arthritis and Migraine – now I sleep very well

My mother in law bought me a Bioflow Classic, after several ladies at her church club had recommended it.

For years I had suffered with arthritis in my hips and walking was becoming more difficult and painful every day. I had tried various painkillers and therapies so I thought, "Oh well, it's just another thing to try." I didn't really have any expectations.

However after three weeks the pain in my hips eased and I began walking longer distances. Now two months on my way of life has changed, I can go on shopping trips, for walks with my grandson and go up and down stairs easily. The unexpected bonus for me has been the loss of bad headaches, I have suffered from migraine for 40 years and have never gone so long without one. I also sleep very well now, which I couldn't do before.


Amputation likely from Diabetes

A young woman in her early 30’s suffers acute diabetes. As a result she had had both legs amputated and one arm, due to the very poor circulatory problems she suffers with her illness.

To make matters worse, three of the fingers on her remaining arm looked to be going the ‘wrong’ way and there was a possibility that she may lose them also.

Her husband had purchased a Bioflow Classic sometime earlier. He lent it to his wife. Within a couple of weeks the hand was back to being perfectly normal.

She is now upgrading to a Duet.

A. MacKay, Distributor

Eczema and more

For some years I have been severely disabled with Spinal Stenosis. That was followed by a heart attack and swollen legs with varicose Eczema, so I was pretty much in a mess and then I heard about Bioflow. I sent for one immediately.

I am happy to tell you that within ten days my legs were almost back to normal, the Eczema had gone altogether and now, after wearing my bracelet for four to five weeks, I no longer have swollen legs, no Eczema at all, my heart doesn’t pain me, I feel fitter and more able to cope with my disability and also take less painkillers than before.  Friends who call say I look so well and one even told me I had shed ten years!

I recommend anyone to give it a try. PS. I sleep better too.


Golfer's Elbow – the thing actually worked!

I bought a Bioflow in early September last year.  The order was placed because I was thoroughly fed up with the pain in my elbow, described by my doctor as 'golfer's elbow'.

I am a thorough-going cynic and certainly expected to claim my money back within the 60 day guarantee period.  But ... the thing actually worked!  I wear it overnight and do NOT now suffer the pain previously experienced for over 12 months.


Nothing seemed to help this Osteoarthritis

I am 62 years old and have suffered with osteoarthritis in my hips, knees and ankles for over 15 years.  During this time I have had tablets, injections, tried TENS machines, copper bracelets and homeopathic medicines with no lasting effect.

When in April this year I purchased the Bioflow wrist bracelet I felt almost instant relief, which lasted for 2-3 weeks, then I had an awful lot of pain in my joints for just over one week.  I almost returned the bracelet to you!  After this period the pain disappeared and a few weeks ago on holiday I was able to go on a two-kilometre walk when previously a monthly shop at the supermarket was extremely painful.

Because the pain has gone I sleep better, my general health has improved and I have been able to reduce the tablets prescribed by the doctor from three to one a day. I am so grateful you introduced me to the Bioflow, many thanks.


Note: The joint pain S.K. describes is caused by detoxification, which maybe a fifth of people get at least a little as the Bioflow flushes out the toxins from their body cells.  Her case is unusual, as it is rarely severe and usually occurs just for the first few days of wearing the Bioflow, as your body adjusts to working more efficiently.  Most people don’t get it at all.  See detoxification on our help page.

Hay Fever in people and dogs

My friend June rang to say that her eldest son, now 26, used to have hay fever to the point that he only had to spot oilseed rape in the distance to start sneezing. Antihistamines did not work and this poor chap had permanently pink eyes and a constantly running nose during the hay fever season.

However; a Bioflow bracelet worked like a charm and her son suffers from hay fever no more. She says it works equally well with dogs and proved this with her fawn Pug, Danny, who has always been allergic to flea bites - one is enough - and pollen. One day Danny had the misfortune to suffer the effects of both a flea bite and pollen; he collapsed and could not even stand. A Bioflow collar placed round his neck speedily brought him to his feet and back to normal.

Reported in Dog World, 11th August 2000

Rugby Injuries

I have suffered from back, neck and leg pain brought on by rugby injuries for about 18 months.  Since wearing your bracelet I can now get on with life without pain and, more importantly, without drugs.

I am a 39-year-old serviceman and as such lead a very active life.  My hobbies include climbing, hill walking and various sports.  I have spent the last 18 months having to forsake these pastimes until now.  

The greatest joy your bracelet has brought me, and the main reason for writing this letter, was being able to carry my two-year-old toddler around on my shoulders for most of the day last Saturday with only minor discomfort instead of agonising pain after ten minutes. THANK YOU.



I suffer from arthritis in my hips, knees and hands and have done so for many years.  Co-proximal helped to relieve the pain.  Last July, my legs were particularly bad and a colleague, noticing the difficulties I was experiencing, offered to lend me his Bioflow bracelet.  

Within a few days, there was a noticeable change in the severity of the pains and I was able to reduce, and then stop taking, painkillers.  Now I take them when I have overdone things.

I returned my borrowed bracelet and purchased two more: one for my own use and the other for friends to try out.  Of several guinea pigs, only one had a negative reaction; the others were delighted at the relief they experienced.  They have since purchased their own bracelets.  


Note: the negative reaction Mr.F. describes his friend experiencing is detoxification, which a few people get as the Bioflow flushes out the toxins from their body cells.  It rarely lasts long and is a sign that the Bioflow is working!  His friend should have waited a few days for the symptoms to fade and to feel the benefits begin!  Most people don’t get it at all.  See detoxification on our help page.