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Bioflow Sports Testimonials

These testimonials are just a few from distributors’ and the Bioflow Company’s postbags. Most of them have been edited for length.  Please don’t try to contact the writers - it’s irritating to get dozens of cold calls asking whether you’re real and did you mean what you wrote! Though if you know them personally, I’m sure they’d be glad to tell you more.  Most of these stories are public, so look them up instead if they’re recent enough to be on the Web!

Marathon – Race of Fire

A fitness instructor from Sennen near Land's End, whose racing career was interrupted for two years by illness, has become the first Briton to run across Australia in the Perth to Canberra Race of Fire.  Bob Brown, who took seventh place behind the Russian winner Abatoliy Kruglikof, attributes much of his success to the power of magnotherapy.

“I first became aware of magnotherapy when I did the John O'Groats to Land's End cycling event,” explained the 31 year old Brown. “My recovery was so swift I couldn't believe it. I know I shouldn't have felt so good afterwards. There's no doubt my experience with Bioflow magnets has played a crucial role in my comeback.” 

He wore a Bioflow wriststrap throughout the 2500 km race and incredibly his blood, iron and vitamin levels were actually better after the event than before! 

Running Fitness magazine

Bobby Brown was ranked number 1 in the world for ultra distance triathlons in 1997, culminating in a world record breaking performance in the world’s longest and toughest endurance Triathlon, the Deca-Ironman. He  took two years to recover from this (see his report above), but gives Bioflow a lot of the credit for his come-back and is modest enough not to mention that he won that major north-south cycle race!  

He then ran the ‘Race of Fire’ in 2001, and in 2004 he topped even this achievement, winning the Run Across America from Los Angeles to New York: two and a half months at two marathons a day, which is, as far as I know, the longest competitive foot race ever run.  He says part of the reason for his success is wearing his Bioflow wristband.  

See Bob’s website, Bobby’s Run - he’s looking for sponsors for the next achievement!  Oh, and I notice that in 2005 he got bored and beat his own 24 hour treadmill World Record - see left.  Never again, he says!


Sub-Aqua - oxygenation

Thought you might be interested in some observations from myself and three members of our diving club regarding post dive effects by wearers of Bioflow.

The first was myself when I purchased one for my back injury niggle. Apart from the complete relief of the stress discomfort in my back, I noticed, over several dives, that I no longer suffered the usual head muzziness after a dive. At first it didn't dawn on me that it could be anything to do with Bioflow so, for two or three dives, I left it off for 24 hours before the dive and again for some hours after. Sure enough suffered the usual divers head. Then kept it on as usual and, guess what, no muzziness.

I then arranged for the same test on two of our club instructors without telling them why I wanted them to wear it and then questioned them about their general overall feelings, post dive. They all reported the same benefits with one even saying that he not only felt great but even felt positively frisky.  Knowing what I do now about the possible reasons why Bioflow works the way it does I can only assume that by enabling the Haemoglobin in blood to carry more oxygen around the body it is effectively helping to flush the nitrogen from my system quicker and more efficiently

R W, diving instructor

Triathlon - training improvement

I have represented Great Britain at World Championship level in the sport triathlon. I have used Bioflow for just over six months.

In this time my recovery time has improved by 30% after heavy training sessions. This has enabled me to keep my training volume high as well as doing quality work.

It took six weeks to see the Bioflow work on my body. Wearing it for training, and with the improved recovery time, I was able to increase my training from 1,000 minutes up to 1,300 minutes per week, and maintain that level throughout the winter months.

During the pre-season training when we change from volume to quality training I was able to maintain higher output and recover within 24 - 36 hours to do another session.

I would recommend any sportsman looking for a 10% improvement, or any recreational athlete needing quick recovery to maintain a busy lifestyle to purchase one. It's the next thing to buy after a Heart Rate Monitor.

Andrew Mayhew – GB Triathlete


As the W.I.B.F. World Welterweight Champion, I need every training aid possible to help achieve total fitness so that I can win my fights and retain my title.

After wearing the Bioflow constantly for six weeks I really can say I have noticed a change in the way I feel and approach my training.  I even wear the band when sparring – carefully bandaged to protect my wrist and my partner, of course.

I would certainly suggest that other people, athletes and others, should try Bioflow.  In fact, my coach has insisted on borrowing the band to help his arthritic wrist!

Jane Couch


I am a former World & European Master Powerlifting Champion and team manager to the Great Britain Powerlifting team.

In March of this year I injured my knee training for the British Masters Championships. I then spent the next four months having physiotherapy treatment twice per week but my knee just was not getting better so much so I was taking three pain killers every night to try and get some sleep.

Then in July someone asked me to try Bioflow.  I was told it would help to reduce the pain in my knee. I could not understand how a magnet could reduce the pain in my knee, but I was in so much pain I decided to give it a try. To my surprise after about three weeks of wearing the Bioflow I noticed I did not need to take any pain killer at night and, after about six weeks, all the pain had gone.

Unable to train my legs for over six months, and during most of that time finding it very difficult to walk, I am now training my legs twice a week and getting no after effect.

To try and assess the effect of wearing the Bioflow, I stopped taking all my vitamins and minerals; incredibly I am now getting very little after training stiffness and my recovery rate has increased.

I would recommend Bioflow to every sportsman and woman wishing to improve their performance.

Ralph Farquharson, Great Britain Team Coach

Swimming: Bioflow helps record-breaking swim

Julie Bradshaw smashes the World Record with the help of her Bioflow.  

A PE lecturer at Loughborough University has become the first Briton to complete a butterfly style swim across the  English  Channel, and in world record time, thanks to her Bioflow.

Having spent months recovering from an injury sustained during her previous attempt in August 2000, when she was forced to abandon the effort just two miles from the finish, 37-year-old Julie Bradshaw has now smashed the previous world record time of twenty three-and-a-half hours by completing the crossing in just over fourteen hours.   The swim raised money for the Rainbow Children’s Hospice.

“It was very frustrating to have to give up so close to the completion of my last butterfly swim across the Channel,” explained Julie.  “I started getting a terrible pain in my right forearm just as I was within sight of the world record set by Vicky Keith of Canada in 1989. The stress of the butterfly’s intense arm action damaged my tendons and caused a long-term injury, but I used a Bioflow and the results have been brilliant.

“I wear it all the time now, even when I’m swimming. I spend so much time in the water Ecoflow were good enough to make a special, one off, waterproofed one for me,” said Julie.  “Having made a full recovery, I couldn’t wait to get back in the water.”

Ju Jutsu – Recovery from Injury

Kathleen Wilkes was Silver Medallist at the 1999 International Ju-Jitsu Championships.

I took up the sport of Ju Jutsu in September '97 and became a Bioflow distributor in December '97.  Since wearing my Bioflow I am no longer stiff after training sessions.  My body recovers more quickly from the bruises incurred in such a sport.  

I wondered whether the reduction in stiffness was because 1 was becoming used to the sport, possibly this is partly true, but not entirely. A few weeks ago I forgot to put my Bioflow on after training and the following day ached!!   I found my magnet and put it straight on.

In March, three days before I was due to take my second grading, my training partner landed awkwardly on my knee. That night I put tubigrip on my knee with my Boost placed inside it. The following day my knee was still sore but sufficiently improved to allow me to train.  I repeated the tubigrip/Boost treatment that night, took my grading and passed!

However, for me the Boost proved invaluable beyond any shadow of doubt three weeks ago. I was training with a 12 stone male partner (I am 5'4" and a small build).  He threw me and I landed correctly on my back with my right arm at right angles to my body to break the fall.  

Unfortunately he lost his balance and fell onto my right side.  I heard the crack!  It was in fact the cartilage between the ribs and not the bones which had gone, although the pain and recovery is the same.  I was having trouble breathing and could only manage to breath comfortably with my right arm raised above my head.  Luckily I had my Boost with me and put it straight on.

The following morning I was much more comfortable, although still in pain and having a little difficulty breathing.  I wore the Boost again on Friday night and by Saturday/Sunday was 98/99% recovered.  The following Thursday, one week later, I was fully fit and trained 100%.  

Three people came up to me during the class, unable to believe the speed of my recovery.  One person said he thought I was on drugs.  "No, magnets!" I said.

Kathleen Wilkes


As an ex-professional footballer in the 1950s I have suffered with arthritis in the knees and the pain used to keep me awake most nights, but since being introduced to Bioflow it is much better. I am now able to play indoor and outdoor bowls four or five times a week with no trouble.



Bob Brown breaking his own World 24-hour Treadmill record Magnotherapy IN ACTION