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Bioflow Horse Boots

The equestrian world has been using Bioflow Magnetic Therapy Horse Boots since the 1990s. Because of their powerful Central Reverse Polarity flux pulsing action, they provide magnetic therapy to the whole horse as the blood circulates past the CRP therapy system on his legs.

With a tough strike pad, Stomatex© boot construction and powerful double hook and loop closures, this is the king of brushing boots even without the two Bioflow Central Reverse Polarity therapy modules in each boot.

Bioflow Therapeutic Horse Brushing Boots

Manufacturer's selling price £65 on
OUR ONLINE PRICE: £49.70 (£42.20 tax-free)

And still with our famous at-cost shipping,  
90-day trial, full guarantees and customer service.

Want more details about the boots?  See below.



Bioflow Horse Brushing Boots:
our online price £49.70 inc. VAT; £42.20 tax-free

Shipping costs: Post and packing at cost for one set of boots
UK: £6.48; Europe £13.38; World £13.10
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TAX: tax free price does not include any charges levied in your own country.

Warning: Bioflow CRP is a powerful magnetic product and could affect magnetically-set therapy devices such as pacemakers.  See the page How To Use Your Bioflow’ for help.

More About Bioflow Horse Brushing Boots


Bioflow Brushing Boots are usable for their ordinary functions as well as magnotherapy.  They are of superior construction, with tough materials and extra-strong ‘velcro’-type fastenings.  The boots are made in two sizes: PONY up to about 14 hands, and HORSE over this.  In practice, we’ve found that the pony boots fit most horses, and the horse boots fit most ponies.  It tends to depend on your own preference and the cannon bone length.  A very few huge stallions have such a thick cannon bone that the fastenings of the boots can’t be reliably closed for the kind of horse which might try to rub them off so you’ll need to tape them.

The actual sizes of the boots are:

Height of boot overall: HORSE 270mm; PONY 225 mm.

There is a stiff section containing the strike plate, so this is the key dimension for fit along the bone.  Height of stiff section: HORSE  230mm; PONY 185 mm, top to bottom.  The strike plate is 95 mm diameter, and the cannon bone knuckle should be centred on it, as in this photo.

Maximum circumference of leg: HORSE 310 mm; PONY 260 mm

This allows for a 50mm overlap of the double Velcro fastening; any less and a troublesome horse may be able to rub open the fastening, for example, on a tree bole or fence post.  You’re welcome to use the Bioflow Brushing Boots on a big-boned horse, but you may need some extra security - some owners and trainers use broad sticky tape or leg bandages.

Construction & materials

The main material of the boots is thick Stomatex© neoprene foam rubber (as used for deep-water wet suits) with a strong knitted nylon fabric bonded to each side.  It is tough, yet conformable, and soft-surfaced for comfort. The resilient protective strike pads resist both cracking and abrasion - see the photo above.  

The two sets of super-strength hook and loop fastenings per boot are designed with a double-overlapping closure to be resistant against the tendency of some horses to rub the boot against a post or tree trying to remove it.

There are two Bioflow Central Reverse Polarity treatment modules in each boot, both of them behind the strike pad.  They’re positioned where there’s plenty of blood flow on the inside of the leg.  Want to know how the CRP therapy system works?  See our Science and Theory section.


We don’t recommend constant wearing of the Bioflow Horse Boots unless the horse is being carefully monitored.  12 hours on, 12 hours off is a sensible regime and this allows you to share the one set of therapy boots between two animals. Alternatively, you could switch between fore and rear legs or any pair of legs; the whole-body therapy works through your horse’s blood, so the legs used don’t matter.  This 12-hour recommendation is nothing to do with the therapy; it’s sound sense to avoid sores and to make sure that your horse isn’t trying to remove or damage them: though most horses are fine, a few hate wearing anything on their legs. Then, you probably already know if you have one of these!  For horses with chronic lameness, keep the horse stabled and check frequently - look under each boot for sores or swelling.  It’s perfectly reasonable to use two pairs of boots (four-leg therapy) all day and night for (hopefully) quicker results, but with appropriate checks for your horse’s comfort.


Follow the ordinary rules for preparation and fitting as you would with any brushing boots or bandages, especially taking care to make sure that your horse’s legs are free of mud and grit before fitting - you don’t want abrasion sores! The boots can be brushed free of mud as needed, and are pretty waterproof, so can be washed as often as you like.

1.        2.

Open up the hook and loop fastenings of the first boot completely, then fit it to a leg with the strike pad facing the other leg.  Close the inner pair of fastenings, making sure that the boot fits tightly enough not to slip but loosely enough not to impede all airflow in the horse’s coat. Then close the outer fastenings. Repeat for the other leg.  Either boot fits any leg.

3.        4.

Few horses can open this double closure even by repeated rubbing against, for example, a tree bole or gatepost.  But if your horse does try, check the fitting and the hide under the boot for sores, damage or foreign objects like thorns or burrs, before you put it down to an awkward horse.


We are here to help!  Do contact us with your problems and questions about using Bioflow therapy for horses and about sizing and fitting these boots.  We have the whole of the vastly experienced Bioflow distributor network to consult if we need to.  You can contact us by email, or write, or phone 01909 483 568.



£42.20 Tax-Free
inc. merchant fees

Choose your size

EU customers

£50.20 inc. 20% UK VAT
& merchant fees

Choose your size

UK customers

£49.70 inc. VAT
& merchant fees

Choose your size

See - it works!

“In my professional experience animals don’t lie and I have seen too many positive results with Bioflow to doubt its beneficial effects.”  Roger Meacock, Veterinary Surgeon.

“Our 20-year-old cat is far more agile and has taken on a new lease of life  since wearing a Bioflow collar”


“Our old black Labrador has very arthritic hip joints  and has been on anti-inflammatory pills for two years.  ... since his Bioflow collar arrived we have stopped his pills and he is better than I can ever remember, not just his back legs but his general health!


“I recently purchased the Bioflow horse boots for my eight-year-old Irish Draught gelding.  For the past 18 months he has been on two daily doses of Bute and has been unable to compete due to arthritis in his two front fetlock joints; ...he was a virtual cripple.  Within one week of fitting the Bioflow boots he was taken off the Bute totally, with no discernable relapse.  Now, some three weeks on ...he is noticeably much fitter, as though ‘corned up’.”     A.S.