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We reckon that the Bioflow guarantees
are easily the best in the business.

There are four stages in the guarantee, supporting you through a lifetime of owning a Bioflow product.  Maybe the first guarantee you’ll want, though, is to know that the maker, Bioflow Ltd, is reliable!  After all, they invented the Bioflow magnetic therapy system, make it at the factory in Plympton, Devon, and operate the distribution network.

We at Pivotal Health are independent distributors and we work hard supporting your guarantee and customer service.  But ultimately it’s Bioflow’s reputation that you need to trust first!

The Bioflow Guarantee

Stage 0:  Bioflow’s reputation

Stage 1:  14-day Safe Purchase Guarantee

Stage 2:  90-day trial period with money-back

Stage 3:  One year materials and workmanship warranty

Stage 4:  Lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties

How trustworthy is The Bioflow Company?

Bioflow began in 1991 as Ecoflow Ltd., selling their now well-proven magnetic fuel-saving device Motoflow. From it, almost accidentally, the Bioflow wristband was developed, and went on sale in 1996.  It was spectacularly successful and the company has been steadily growing ever since.  The company recently renamed itself after its most popular product. You can read more in The Bioflow Story.

This century, Bioflow has three times won major UK industry awards given annually to small and medium sized private companies.  This South-Western English business has gained the prestigious ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental accreditations and became an Investor In People.

Not bad for a home garage startup!

For the 10th anniversary celebration of Bioflow Magnetic Therapy, the Princess Royal was pleased to attend at the factory and offices and was shown around to see how the products she uses were made.  The Princess made her own view clear - she commented to our Pivotal Health representatives there, that in her opinion a key advantage of Bioflow treatment over drugs was that there were no side effects.

Bioflow uses independent distributors, because the CRP therapy system is a word-of-mouth product - it’s so good that no-one would believe the claims without first hearing them from someone they trust!  By 2006, the network of independent distributors was 7000 strong, many of them now highly successful full time businesses - we include several Bioflow millionaires. Most distributors, though, are part-timers making an extra income from home.


STAGE 1:  Safe Purchase Guarantee

It’s simple enough.  If you buy a product from us and it doesn’t suit, just send it back in perfect condition, in its original packing and with the receipt within 14 days of receiving it. We’ll give you your purchase price back by return.  We won’t quibble or delay, though we would prefer to know why it didn’t please so we can use your feedback to improve our service.


STAGE 2:  Your Bioflow Trial

Bioflow Ltd supports a 90-day trial period after purchase.

This gives you time to see whether Bioflow therapy is for you.  If, before the 90 days are up, you return your Bioflow product to Bioflow Ltd with the receipt, we’ll give you a prompt refund of the purchase price.  Your Bioflow must be essentially complete and not damaged by, for example, carelessness or accident.  We then pay Bioflow Ltd for a replacement, deducting 15% from your refund to help with this.  Our experience at Pivotal Health is that over 95% of our customers are happy with their Bioflow and don’t claim during this trial.  We do keep in touch, because our customers are our best source of new business.   Most of those who claim a refund are happy to recommend their friends to try Bioflow, so we must be doing something right!

We love people to ask for help and we think that it’s our complete openness about what Bioflow can and can’t help with, and what to expect when you use it, that gives people realistic expectations.  We don’t flannel you, and if we think the cheapest model is best for you, we’ll say so!  If we think your chance of success is 1 in 5 rather than 19 in 20, we’ll say so.  Then you go into the trial realistically.  Either way, it’s a no-risk trial.  You know up-front that it will cost you either the full price (which is what you want - successful help!) or 15% of the cost, both plus postage.

That’s why it’s a good idea to ring us before you buy, to explain what you want.  And we, in turn, will ask you the key question, “How would you like to feel in three month’s time?” Then we’ll give you an honest assessment of how likely you are to achieve it.  For most people, that means, ‘very likely’ to get what you need!  After all, it’ll cost us money if you don’t like it; it’s not in our interest to butter you up.

We often find, though, that the best benefits our customers get are not what they bought their Bioflow to help with.  Arthritis sufferers frequently find, for example, that their arthritis pain did ease, but getting a regular good night’s sleep was the golden benefit. You might buy a Bioflow from us for poor circulation - and it helped a lot - but your 20-year asthma cleared up, too, and left you thrilled!

So, make good use of the trial period.  Don’t send your Bioflow back after a short trial - or worse, as soon as you feel a detox effect, making you feel off-colour.  Your investment is more valuable than that!  You’re entitled to a full 90-day trial, so take advantage of it and use it all.

Some of our customers have returned the bracelet after the trial only to find that a week after taking the Bioflow off, their symptoms had got worse and they rang up asking to have it back!  If we’ve returned it to Bioflow by then, that option has gone - they will have to buy another.  We always advise that if you seem not to be getting results after 8 weeks, remove the Bioflow for a week to see what happens.  The improvement may have been so gradual that you hardly notice till the old symptoms come back with a vengeance!


STAGE 3: The One Year Warranty

Bioflow Ltd offers the usual year’s warranty for materials or manufacturing defects. We at Pivotal Health have been through just two, minor, product recalls over the years, so we know that Bioflows are well made and reliable.  We are sympathetic to claims, though, and a returned bracelet will be carefully examined and we’ll talk to you before it’s returned to the company.

We find that most failures are caused by accident or by adverse conditions (like constantly damp wrists affecting leather straps, or Bioflows used in diving).  Bioflow Ltd are good about replacing failed items where the circumstances are uncertain, though.

You will need to return the item as complete as can be reasonably expected and with your receipt. It will need to go to Bioflow Ltd for examination.  As always with guarantees, the exchanged item will complete the original year’s warranty rather than have a new year of its own.


What to watch out for

What counts as accidental damage, though?  First, if you heat your Bioflow to over 300C, it will lose its magnetism – this is the temperature the magnet was heated to in order to magnetise it in the first place!  So don’t microwave it to dry it out, as one person we heard about tried!  And there are plastics in the construction of every Bioflow, so even boiling water is a very bad idea.

Secondly, the neodymium and iron in all these super-magnets both rust like mad when exposed to the air, or even more in salt water.  So the magnets in your Bioflow are protected by triple plating and a plastic coating. These can fail over time, though, so we advise you to avoid getting your Bioflow permanently wet, especially in salt water, or taking them apart to see what’s inside.  Our ‘How Bioflow works’ page shows you the construction.

The cross-Channel butterfly swimming record holder, Julie Bradshaw, complained that her Bioflow wristbands didn’t last long when she immersed them in the sea for hours at a time. So Ecoflow made her some waterproof specials for her practice and the World Record swim. They were rather bulky, though.  For the 2004 World Record Triple Cross-Channel Relay the new Explorer model was developed, waterproofed to 3 ATM, and it was used by all the swimmers in the relay.

Now, all the more advanced models are gasket-sealed, too. The Explorer has been replaced by the Explorer 2.

So, if you avoid getting your Bioflow excessively wet and don’t cook it in the microwave, the CRP unit should last a lifetime even if the strap fails after years of use.  All-steel bracelets will take even longer to wear out.


STAGE 4: Lifetime Magnetic Properties Guarantee

Bioflow CRP units and Relay magnets are made with the world’s most powerful magnetic material - Neodymium Boron Steel, usually just called ‘neodymium’, or even ‘neo’.

Neodymium magnets are quoted by manufacturers as losing about 5% of their magnetic flux every 20 years, barring accidental damage.  So your Bioflow should lose about a fifth of its power each century!

That’s why The Bioflow Company is happy to give a lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties of your wristband – as long as you take sensible precautions to avoid it rusting!

OUR SERVICE at Pivotal Health

We believe that our backup and customer service at Pivotal Health are second to none. Bioflow Ltd in any case has the best guarantees in the business.  At Pivotal Health, we aim to cap even this with our personal service, helping you through any detox you may experience and being there for you, answering your questions and accepting your comments to achieve the very best you can get from magnetic therapy.

We’re always there, waiting for a phone call or email, and we truly want you to have the best experience possible.  Any questions?  Phone 01909 483 568 now, or email us at


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