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More information below

Bioflow Boost Belts and Modules

For spot treatment

Your Bioflow wristband should give you excellent pain relief through blood conditioning; however, this is not always enough for when you’re at your worst.  
The Boost Belt Kit is designed to get additional alternating magnetic flux
directly to the source of pain for when
you need supplementary relief.
Boost has three pads, each containing
two full-power CRP modules.  The pads stick anywhere you like onto a set of three different-sized belts which can be used to position the CRP therapy wherever your body most needs a ‘boost’ of flux. Individual pads can also be used for spot treatment in other ways, making Boost the most adaptive therapy system.
For convenient storage, the whole kit is enclosed in a strong zip pouch.

Bioflow Boost Spot Treatment
Magnotherapy System:

(£59.20 tax-free)

Spare belts are available:
 contact us for details.

And still with our famous minimum-cost shipping,
90-day trial, full guarantees and customer service.

Want more details about the Boost?  See below.



Boost Belts Kit: msp £85; our online price £69.70

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UK: £6.84; Europe £17.84; World £16.33

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Warning: Bioflow CRP is a powerful magnetic product and could affect magnetically-set therapy devices such as pacemakers.  See the page How To Use Your Bioflow’ for help.

More About the Boost System


The Bioflow Boost System is based on soft, knitted nylon therapy pads and the well-known sports material ‘Stomatex’ belts.  There are three double Central Reverse Polarity pads and three belts, of different lengths.  For details of how the CRP system works, go to our Science and Theory section.  

The three pads each contain two full-power Bioflow CRP modules and can be fitted along or across the belt.  Each pad is a 5 x 6.5 cm (2 x 2.5 inch) oval with strong hook material on one side and a soft surface to place against the skin.  They are spongeable clean.

The three belts are made from a washable neoprene material called Stomatex®. This is similar to the neoprene fabric used for sports wetsuits, but is dimpled to allow the belt to breathe; it is widely used for sports appliances.  The foam neoprene sheet is enclosed on both sides with soft brushed nylon and while comfortable, the belts are very tough and long-lasting - and replaceable!

The belts are all 5 cm (2 inches) wide, and lengths are about 45 cm (18 inches),
71 cm (28 inches) and 106 cm (42 inches) at maximum when fastened but not under tension.  In use, you will want to stretch them a little for a comfortable fit. Replacement belts are available, but our experience at Pivotal is that you’re unlikely to need them for a long time - we’ve just replaced one of ours after five and a half years’ hard use!

The zip pouch is a 22 cm (8½ inch) by 15cm (6 inch) semicircle  7 cm (3 inches) thick and made of a strong, water-resistant material.  

The Boost Pack comes with the usual Bioflow guarantees.


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inc. merchant fees


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Tired muscles  

We all overdo it at some time and get cramps and aches which can last for days. Gardening, that Fun Run, too long in the pool with the youngsters, even having to run to get that important job done: these all affect the moderately fit.  And if we are good at exercising properly, there’s always the temptation to beat that last time, lift that bit more weight!  

Wearing a Bioflow wristband can improve recovery from normal aches and pains, getting rid of the toxins in your muscle cells that lead to the aches in a few hours. But when we positively overdo it, something more is needed.  Whereas the Bioflow wristbands can be expected to give you good recovery for overtired muscles overnight instead of several days of slowly easing aches, the Boost Pack can give that relief in an hour or two - just fit the belts as you need and wait for relief, while you gently exercise or rest!

More serious muscular pain

is another matter.  First, of course, check with your doctor.  The pain may be symptomatic of something else.  But if it’s fibrillating or overstretched muscles or tendon damage  David has found that the Boost (or any other multiple CRP solution) will ease in a few days what previously took well over a week to clear up.  

The problem with torn, pulled or spasming muscles and tendons is usually that you can’t help using them even if you stay in bed - and we can rarely get even this immobile, despite doctor’s orders.  In fact, slow recovery of muscles and tendons is almost always caused by exacerbating the damage just by living our daily life, even though we’re careful.  The advantage of Bioflow CRP magnotherapy multiplies itself. As the Boost stimulates the cells to repair themselves more quickly, there’s less opportunity for further damage and so complete healing can come that much faster.   Bioflow magnetic therapy gives your body the best opportunity to repair itself quickly.

Arthritis and other conditions

When your condition worsens on a regular or occasional basis and the Bioflow wristband just doesn’t provide enough relief, the Boost can make all the difference!  We’ve seen excellent additional pain relief or lessening of symptoms in customers with wrist and knee arthritis, Spondylosis, frozen shoulder, ME, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Parkinson’s Disease.

The job of the Boost is to get extra CRP power to the seat of pain by arranging the twin CRP modules right over the pain.  If it isn’t deep within your body, the Boost will have the strong magnetic flux to help.  You’ll need to experiment to find what works best for you, but regular users soon find what placing and belt combination they need – the instructions below will guide you.

As well as joint and shoulder pain, Boost can help many conditions where spot treatment is needed, for example, serious swelling from an insect bite or sting, a problem David used to dread - the antihistamines were awful and slow to act.  These unretouched pictures show you how fast Boost can help.  David was marshalling at the 2004 International Firemens’ Olympics Marathon near the lake in Clumber Park on August 31st.  The super-mosquito bit his wrist (puncture spots obvious) unnoticed under the clipboard.  The swelling rapidly grew while showering the following morning.  David finally had a flash of the obvious: use the Boost!

You’ll notice that the blistering and swelling has reduced to a half in a few hours and and the blisters have healed over in one day.  The whole thing was back to normal in a week. Using strong antihistamines, it used to take three times as long for each of these changes, sometimes more, with all the side effects of the antihistamines to cope with as well.  Bioflow is magic!

How to wear a Boost Pack

It’s simply a matter of arranging the belts and pads to get the pads to the pain. The belts can be fastened together as a chain for a long belt and for back and shoulder therapy the long and medium belts can be worn together ‘Sam Browne’ style, to place the modules securely. Here are some suggestions for how to use them:

Fitting the pads onto the belt.  The pads and the belt all fasten with ordinary hook’n loop (often called ‘velcro’).

The belt is then moved round to put the pads in position.


Using the medium belt on thigh muscles.  
The small belt is best for calf, arm and hand.

For the strongest field in a small area, the
three pads can be arranged in a 3 x 2 array
 of CRP units on one belt, close together
and crosswise to the belt.


Like every Bioflow using the standard CRP module, the Boost pads are one-sided. The immense power is only available on the inside because the back poles of the magnets are folded round to join the front poles on the same side.  This principle increases the power at the working side, leaving very little power on the outside. It’s The Bioflow Company’s patent; don’t expect such benefits from other products you may see!

This means, though, that if you use your Boost pads back-to-front, they won’t work!  The application side has a soft, knitted fabric covered surface to go next to your skin; the back has the ‘raspy’ hook fabric to stick to the inside of the belt - or any other loop pile fabric.  Be sure to face the correct side to your body!


Do email or ring 01909 483 568 if you want more help in assessing the best treatment for you. We’re always available (within reason!) and we can bring the experience of the whole Bioflow network to your problem.  We don’t aim to be an internet ‘box-shifter’ or a 9-5 business. Here at Pivotal, we believe in getting our new customers mainly by recommendation.  That means doing the very best we can for you, being available as you need us.  Your enthusiasm about our service will, we hope, lead people you know and enthuse to, to seek us out.  Yes, it costs us our time, but we’re here to serve you - we believe that ‘givers gain’, so we give.



Single Boost Kit with p&p:

Single Boost Kit with p&p:

Single Boost Kit with p&p: