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More About the Duo


Made of a strong, nickel-free, zinc-rich copper alloy, Duo’s elegant yet durable design will complement almost any style of dress, for men or women. The inside of the bracelet is raw metal for the copper therapy, while the outside is antiqued with a lacquer finish.  The bracelet has two Central Reverse Polarity modules for a better field spread.  Each ball-end on the ribbed torc holds a half-power CRP unit, spreading the therapeutic load across the blood vessels of your inner wrist better than the basic system.  For details of how the CRP system works, go to our Science and Theory section.

Bioflow Duo

The antiqued copper Duo torc
bracelet is an elegant part of
any ethnic jewellery collection
and a practical way to help
yourself.  Bioflow’s powerful twin
Central Reverse Polarity magnetic
modules are effective magnetic therapy,
complementing the copper therapy of the band.

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Want more details about the Duo, especially about Copper Therapy?  See below.



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Duet stainless steel
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stainless steel



See below for notes on copper therapy.  Please note that if you are one of the majority who are not copper deficient, the copper will have no therapeutic benefit, but your skin will still blacken and need regular washing to remove the harmless deposit of copper salts - unless you varnish the inside of the band (say, with transparent nail varnish).

We recommend that you only remove your Duo on special occasions, such as where a clear wrist is essential, or when undergoing an MRI scan.  It is intended to be worn permanently to avoid damage to the band by frequent bending.  Because copper work-hardens, too much bending backwards and forwards will eventually cause any copper strip to snap.  The Bioflow Duo is resistant to work-hardening, but if you’ll need to remove and replace your bracelet a lot, we recommend that you choose a buckled or clasp-fitting model.  For suggested models, see the Elite and Pirouette, the Executive and the Explorer 2.

Your Duo should be slightly loose so as to be able to slide up and down your arm a little, but it should not twist right round – the Bioflow CRP modules should be free just to move around over the pulse area on the inside of your wrist.   It’s essential to wear your Duo with the CRP modules on the inside of your wrist where there are most blood vessels.  Otherwise its therapeutic effect will be considerably compromised.

Magnetism Warnings

The magnetic modules on the Duo are pretty powerful!  That’s one reason why the Bioflow system works, when other magnetic products generally don’t.  This strong magnetic flux is, because of the patented design, almost entirely turned into your wrist when you are wearing the bracelet.  Take note, then, that when it is off your wrist, touching vulnerable objects may cause unwanted effects.  This includes stopping watches, wiping the data off magnetic stripe cards, and so on.  Leaving the Monet on, for example, a bedside table with a watch, entangled inappropriately, may stop the watch until you separate them.

If you have a heart pacemaker or similar device, the back (outer) side of the CRP magnetic units will cause no problems unless the pacemaker is over 20 years old (some early types were un-guarded).  Even so, it’s best to check with your cardiologist before using a Bioflow; and of course, somehow managing to turn an inner magnet face into just the wrong spot on your chest might reset an old pacemaker anyway - though this could hardly happen accidentally!


Wash your Bioflow Duo with ordinary detergents; this is probably easiest as you wash your hands.  Both the stainless steel and the resin cover over the CRP modules are water-resistant in ordinary conditions of use.  Any scratching from rough treatment can be lightly polished away.  Bioflow Ltd (because of unreasonable claims) will not guarantee the Duo to be waterproof and recommends that you dry it after any wetting.  However, we almost never see magnets fail except when the ball ends are damaged by force, breaking the waterproofing.

Like any other items you wear, both the copper alloy and the decorative varnish-over-antiquing finish can be scratched by fine or coarse grit.  So avoid, for example, rubbing the wristband unprotected on a table, to prolong the bright finish.  Ordinary metal polishing methods will restore the polished copper finish if you wear right through the varnish, though deeper scratches are probably best not completely removed.  Once polished up, you might want to re-varnish.  As you’d expect, scratching, gouges and other wear are not points covered under the 12-month fitness-for-use guarantee; but with care, the finish will look good for many years.  

However, if you’re choosing the Duo for its looks rather than the copper therapy, the inside of the band can be lacquered (after a light scouring), for example with clear nail varnish, and this will stop your skin blackening. You might also want to consider the Lux, Monet, Monet Golf or Duet (see alternatives above), which are identical except for being constructed of stainless steel.

The Duo in Sports and Industry

Sports users find the Duo a good design because it’s light and doesn’t cause problems when it gets sweaty.  For games like tennis, you might prefer to slip a terry-cloth wrist guard (sweatband) over or under it during play to collect the moisture.

When worn in an industrial setting, flying particles like non-ferrous swarf, sawdust and blast-cleaning dirt will be no problem. If you get an irritation, just dunk your wrist in water and rinse.  Ferrous swarf and steel particles (for example, in sump oil) can be a problem if allowed near the Duo bracelet. They will collect around the CRP unit and be likely to chafe and irritate.  They’ll need wiping off periodically with a rag, which can then be shaken out. Better would be to wear long gloves if you can, or wrap a strip of cloth around your wrist under the Duo and clean off the clinging metal occasionally.

Putting on and Removing your Duo Magnetic Wristband

When putting on a Duo for the first time, shape the band to your wrist.  First, the back of the band should be flattened if your wrist has a flattish rather than well-rounded back.  The whole band should then be opened up enough to slip comfortably over your wrist with the CRP magnetic modules on the inside of your wrist, then closed as tightly as possible, while keeping the back at the shape you chose.  On being released, the Duo will spring open a little and this should give the perfect shape and fit.  

To remove the Bioflow Duo, some people with a concave inside wrist can move one module to this place then arch the bracelet off the wrist.  Most people will need to pull open the band a little from one side.

We recommend that if you find that you need to bend the band (rather than flex it) to remove your Duo bracelet, you should only remove it on special occasions. such as where a clear wrist is essential, or when undergoing an MRI scan. It is intended to be worn permanently, to avoid ‘work hardening’ damage to the copper by frequently opening and closing the band.  This can eventually cause the band to fracture, though this is likely to take some years.


The Duo is available for two wrist sizes:

MEDIUM:  150–190 mm wrist (about 6 – 7½ in)    

LARGE:  180–215 mm wrist (about 7 – 8½ in)


The Bioflow Duo is primarily a magnetic therapy bracelet with Bioflow’s unique twin CRP system.  However, it can give additional help to those with a copper deficiency.  

Some kinds of rheumatism or arthritis are caused or exacerbated by a lack of copper, which your body needs to manufacture the joint lubricant.  If you have this problem, wearing a ‘copper patch’ on your skin will allow your body to absorb the copper it needs (as it blackens your skin!) The results should be apparent in a few days, and the difference made when your body has enough copper to heal itself can be dramatic!  This is why copper bangles are often promoted as a magic cure for rheumatism.  For the minority with copper deficiency, it IS like magic! Otherwise, copper bangles have no therapeutic effect.  They will still make your wrist black, though, unless you varnish the bracelet as described above under ‘Cleaning’!  

Testing for copper deficiency

Try wearing some copper against your skin to see whether giving your body the chance to absorb any copper it needs will be of any benefit. You might use copper wire wrapped round your knuckles, a copper bangle or anything else which presses raw copper against your skin.  If a week with this patch shows no reduction in your joint pain, you’re one the majority whose body can get enough copper from your food.  So any rheumatoid disease you have will come from another source.  As a cross-check if you do seem to get a result, leave off the patch for another week or two and the pain should return.  

Possible benefits of using a Duo

Joint pains can be caused by a lack of the lubricant which your body needs copper to make. This is one of the most obvious results of copper deficiency, and wearing copper is almost always a great relief if this was the cause.  It’s common, though, for people getting some pain relief by wearing copper to still have joint trouble like arthritis and rheumatism. This additional pain can’t be solved with copper therapy, and for this you should try Bioflow CRP therapy, too.  The Duo is useful because it offers both copper and magnetic therapy in one bangle.

Note: many bangle makers plate some of their copper bangles with nickel or silver “so that your wrist won’t go black”.  They still hint at the “age-old therapeutic benefits of copper”. This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how copper therapy works - you need the copper touching your skin to get therapy!

Silver plating on the wrist side of the bangle will only give you a silver patch (till the silver wears away) and your body rarely needs additional silver, whereas copper deficiency is quite common.  The Bioflow Duo has an antiqued and varnished outer finish, but the inside of the band is bare copper - which is what you need for therapy.

Strangely, solid silver rather than electro-plated silver bangles may be of help.  Whereas silver plate is 100% silver, the low-assay silver in most solid silver jewellery contains a lot of copper, which your body can extract to solve a deficiency!

Beware of imitations

The Duo is so effective that its design has often been copied by the cheap end of the magnotherapy market.  For copper therapy, the copies will work just as well as a £5 copper bangle (copper is copper, after all!)  But they can’t duplicate the powerful, patented CRP module encapsulated in each Bioflow Duo’s ball ends, nor are they allowed to copy the trademarked ‘circling atom’ symbol.  David has seen many copies of the Duo being worn,and all of them have one  or more tiny magnets embedded in each ball end (or, quite often, fallen

out) - the kind found in clinical trials to be worthless. To avoid copyright infringement, they have an engraved circle on the ball end instead of the trademark circling atom symbol. At a glance they look like a Duo, but they’re unlikely to give you any useful magnetic therapy!


Lux 2-tone
polished + gold plate


Lux bright/brushed
stainless steel