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“In my professional experience animals don’t lie and I have seen too many positive results with Bioflow to doubt its beneficial effects.”  Roger Meacock, Veterinary Surgeon.

“Our 20-year-old cat is far more agile and has taken on a new lease of life  since wearing a Bioflow collar”


“Our old black Labrador has very arthritic hip joints  and has been on anti-inflammatory pills for two years.  ... since his Bioflow collar arrived we have stopped his pills and he is better than I can ever remember, not just his back legs but his general health!


“I recently purchased the Bioflow horse boots for my eight-year-old Irish Draught gelding.  For the past 18 months he has been on two daily doses of Bute and has been unable to compete due to arthritis in his two front fetlock joints; ...he was a virtual cripple.  Within one week of fitting the Bioflow boots he was taken off the Bute totally, with no discernable relapse.  Now, some three weeks on ...he is noticeably much fitter, as though ‘corned up’.”     A.S.


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Bioflow Dog Collar

Almost as soon as the therapeutic effects of Central Reverse Polarity had been discovered, the early Bioflow bracelets for humans have been used to help dogs.  A dog collar was the second design and dogs have been benefiting ever since. The modern CRP disc unit is available in two sizes and three colours of dog collar.

As so many vets, breeders, trainers and owners say: it works! The Bioflow system is particularly effective in relieving stiffness and pain from hip arthritis, prevalent in so many breeds, but it can be used to aid many other conditions. If improving blood functions might help your dog, Bioflow is worth a try under the 90-day trial.

Bioflow Magnotherapy Dog Collar

OUR ONLINE PRICE £20.70 - £17.50 tax-free

And still with our famous minimum-cost shipping,
90-day trial, full guarantees and customer service.

Want more details about Bioflow therapeutic Dog Collars? See below.


Bioflow magnetic therapy Dog Collar

 £20.70 inc. VAT; worldwide £17.50 tax-free

Shipping costs : Post and packing at cost for one Dog Collar:
UK: £2.34; EU tracked/signed £10.92; World tracked/signed £10.10

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We recommend the LARGE collar if it fits - it is twice as powerful!

All collars come with plenty of webbing, which you trim to fit your dog - see details below.
PAYMENT: Paypal is our merchant banker.  They are currently, despite protests, calling people who want to pay by card ‘guests’.  There is NO NEED to join Paypal, however.  Just follow the ‘guest’ links and you can pay as usual.

Warning: Bioflow CRP is a powerful magnetic product and could affect magnetically-set therapy devices such as pacemakers.  See the page How To Use Your Bioflow’ for help.

More About the Bioflow Dog Collar


Our Bioflow Magnetic Therapy Dog Collar is made from tough woven nylon webbing, with a high-impact resin clip, free-end tidy, and Bioflow Central Reverse Polarity therapy module.  There is a stainless steel D-ring for attaching an identity tag or a lead.  Both sizes of collar are very long to fit any dog, and the webbing can be cut to length with a hot knife or scissors and sealed if there is too much over. For details of how the CRP magnetic therapy system works, go to our Science and Theory section.


The large collar has the same CRP therapy module as most human Bioflows; the small one is about half that power.  We recommend that you use the large collar if it is not too broad for your dog’s neck.  Length of collar is immaterial, as it can be trimmed to size.  As the module is rated as a ‘Class 1 Medical Appliance’ for humans of any age, guaranteeing it to be harmless, the same applies to dogs.  However, do note that it may cause problems for people with a magnetically-set implant such as a heart pacemaker; placing the inner face of the module close to such a device is NOT RECOMMENDED.


The large dog collar - 21mm wide web - can fit any dog or other animal up to about sheep-size, with up to a 650mm (25½ inches) neck.  The small collar - 16mm wide web - for necks up to 450mm (17¼ inches).  The large dog collar has the same high-power CRP module as in our bracelets for people, the small the same as for children - about half that power.  We recommend you to use the large collar if your dog is not so small that the wider collar web, 21mm wide, will be constricting.  This will only matter for very small dogs, smaller than, say, a Jack Russell.  If you have a toy dog, the Cat Collar may be more suitable.

More information below


The collar is best worn continuously, but we recommend at least eight hours a day. While it’s not guaranteed totally waterproof, we at Pivotal have never seen one fail, even on active water dogs. It can be washed as needed.  If you’re cautious, remove the CRP module and wipe it clean, while the rest can be chucked in a washing machine with other things and given a cool wash - probably best in a mesh bag.  

As the collar works mainly through conditioning your dog’s blood, we suggest that you keep the CRP module right over one of the carotid arteries in the neck as much as possible.  (To find your own, feel either side of your windpipe.)  Here’s how we suggest that you get the collar in the best place:

Try the Bioflow Dog Collar on your dog to get the best fit.  Adjust it to be as tight as you can without throttling him, and if the throat fur is thick, fit the collar under it as much as possible.  You might even choose to trim a ring of long neck hair shorter, while keeping the breed look.  The idea is that the CRP magnetic unit is as close to the skin as possible, and over the carotid artery is best of all.  Then cut off the surplus nylon webbing and seal the end; we use a hot knife to cut, melt and seal it all in one; you could use a small flame (like a cigarette lighter) after cutting with strong scissors or a craft knife.  If you’re not sure of the best fit at first, leave extra; likewise if you might want to use it on a larger dog later. Spare length can be tucked into the tidy clip on the collar.  The webbing is deliberately long - farmers use these collars on sheep!

This is how we suggest you arrange the collar.  Position the steel D-ring either at the top of the neck as if you were fitting a lead, or right at the bottom as you would for a tag. Slide the CRP module (see right) along to cover a carotid artery in the neck - the picture at the top of this page shows you the position.  Then, when your dog is wearing the collar, you’ll know if the CRP module is in the best place if you can see the ring at the top or bottom, whichever place you chose.  It isn’t crucial to fit it this way, but we at Pivotal think that the therapy is improved if you can cover the artery, and this is a good tell-tale for it.  Do experiment, though, to get the fit and usability that suits you and your dog.

If you have a dog that pulls on the lead, we don’t advise using the Bioflow Collar with a lead. Its resin clip is strong, but not that strong!  Instead, use a separate steel- or brass-buckled collar for control or, best of all, a chest harness.

TIP: if your collar breaks or you want to use a special collar, simply swap the therapy module to your own choice of collar (as long as it fits!)   The cost of a Bioflow collar is mainly in the therapy system, not the webbing or clip.



£17.50 free of tax
inc. merchant fees

Sizes (also see below):

Large: up to 650mm neck Small: up to 450mm neck

EU customers

£20.80 inc. 20% UK VAT
& merchant fees

Sizes (also see below):

Large: up to 650mm neck Small: up to 450mm neck

UK customers

£20.70 inc.VAT
& merchant fees

Sizes (also see below):

Large: up to 650mm neck Small: up to 450mm neck