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Bioflow Wristbands — INDEX

Which Bioflow is best for me?

See here if you just need the list of models

Key Point: do I need magnets where it hurts?

Usually, no.  The powerful Bioflow CRP therapy system is worn over a pulse point and works mainly by conditioning your blood.  So you usually won’t need to put magnets directly where it hurts.  Indeed, several of our customers have told us that they found their Bioflow wristband to be more effective than the combined results of several other magnetic products strapped on different parts of the body.  

Occasionally, the wristband does not provide enough therapy for a specific area of pain.  You can then use a Spot Treatment system in addition to the wristband.


The wristband system is the most effective way to use Bioflow for most purposes. So, which wristband to get?  In one sense it doesn’t matter: the simplest and cheapest model is the one shown to be effective in clinical trial.  The others all improve on the system a little, and all have their own advantages.  In all wristbands, the CRP effect is applied to the blood flowing past the unit in your veins and arteries. (See How Bioflow works for the science behind this.)  

POWER: The more powerful systems below are certainly more effective than the basic model.  Our customers have told us they get better pain relief from the more expensive models.  But it wouldn’t be honest to say that three times the price means three times the effect.  Nor does doubling the power double the effect; it’s less than that.  The Pirouette is three times the price of the Classic more because such stunning jewellery is costlier to make than because it has twice the magnetic flux, and while it is the most effective bracelet, it’s no more effective than wearing two Classics, or one of the three twin units from a Boost pack.  And it might be, say, a third more effective than a Classic, with the other models between.

So, begin by scanning down this quick summary, then look at the detailed description of the models which most take your eye.  They all have their best points!

There are three levels of wristband,
all with Bioflow’s patented CRP technology, and most with additional features to enhance therapy or appearance.

For details and to buy each model, click on its name in the left column or click on its picture on the right.


    Basic, with one CRP unit.  The Velcro-fastened Classic (used in medical trials) needs to be worn with the module directly over a pulse such as the inside of your wrist. The £37.50 MRP Classic is £30.70 from us online.

LEVEL 2 - Torc and Relay

   Twin-CRP torc bracelets have two small CRP units which are a little more effective than the one larger module of the Classic.  Like the Classic, they need to be worn directly over a pulse, which most people choose to be the inside of your wrist.  

The Monet and gold-enhanced Duet retail at £65, but you can get them online from us for £56.70.  Both are made of polished, anti-allergenic stainless steel.  The £65 Duo is  also £56.70 from us.  It’s made of copper alloy, for those who have already found a copper bangle to be therapeutically effective in relieving some of their arthritic or rheumatic pain.

   Relay types have a large CRP unit matched to a small relay magnet on the opposite side of the wrist to enhance the field.  These more powerful wristbands can be worn any way on the wrist.  Go to How Bioflow works for the science behind the relay system.

The Explorer 2 is £60 MRP; we sell it at £53.70.  It uses the CRP unit from the Premium Range Executive on a woven nylon, buckled strap, and is durable and water-resistant.  It is available in large (gents) and small (ladies) sizes, with the strap in black, royal blue, red, olive or pink - yes, even the Gents’ is available in pink!
It is possible to slide a suitable watch onto the Explorer 2’s wristband.

LEVEL THREE - The Premium Range

This combines level 2 power with eye-catching designs:

    The £84 Executive is £57.70 from us.  Both have the relay system in stainless steel, with a top-quality leather strap.  The Ultra’s forged stainless steel module has a black buckled genuine top leather strap.  The Executive’s module is hidden under the leather strap, which closes with a Rolex-style 4-link folding safety fastener.  It can also carry a suitable watch.

    Elite is £105 to £110 RRP; we sell it for £52.70 - £62.70 at the moment. It has an all stainless steel bracelet construction, with an attractive polished/satin striping and optional two-tone gold highlights;  or in full gold plate - not now commonly available.

    Pirouette, MRP £115 and £125 is our most powerful bracelet. We sell it at £102.70 to £114.70. Elegant for ladies yet rugged for men, it’s a designer delight of stainless steel logo links with two full-size CRP units. It is available in polished steel or heavy gold plate.


Bioflow spot treatment

The Boost contains the same CRP system as most wristbands, but this system is intended for placing directly over the area to be treated.  This works in the same way as hospital electromagnotherapy equipment.  However, they should be regarded as supplementary to the blood conditioning (usually with a wristband), because the main benefits of CRP in conditioning your blood will be lost unless the treatment area contains large blood vessels near the surface and close to a CRP unit.  Get in touch with us if you want to know more about this.  Click here for spot treatment.

Executive                   Elite                Pirouette Explorer 2 5 colours Executive Pirouette Monet  Duo  Duet Dog Collar Elite Pirouette Use this page for help in choosing which Bioflow to get. If you know what you want, see “Choose a model” in the left column, or go to the RAPID FIND page. Boost Belts

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