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Bioflow  Magnetic Therapy

What is Bioflow?  It’s an effective system for pain relief and to encourage healing, that doesn’t need you to be hooked up to the electricity supply as you would if you were using a physiotherapy clinic’s electro-magnetic therapy equipment.
Bioflow uses the same treatment system as these hospital machines and is usually applied by wearing a wristband which contains the magnetic treatment system.  It works  on your whole body by conditioning your blood at a single pulse point. Its benefits are given in more detail below, but briefly, Bioflow is:
Bioflow is the premier product of Bioflow Ltd.  Since its introduction in 1996, discerning people have used over two million Bioflow CRP systems for pain relief and for promoting the body’s efficiency.

We at Pivotal Health consider Bioflow’s unique therapy system to be the first effective wrist magnotherapy.  No other static magnet system works in the same way, by mimicking the powerful equipment used by doctors and physiotherapists.  

Though many others claim that their wristbands are effective, they are not allowed to copy Bioflow’s patented action, nor have they produced any clinical test evidence that their products work. Only Bioflow’s unique CRP principle has been proven by rigorously conducted medical trial (for hip and knee arthritis - see the British Medical Journal for 17 December 2004 or our summary here.)

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Why try Bioflow?

First, because it works! Our experience at Pivotal is that 19 out of every 20 of our personal customers have told us that they get results during their 90-day trial.  We reckon this is far and away better than any other magnetic product we’ve come across except the hospital equipment that works in the same way as Bioflow.  We think that this experience is confirmed by the medical evidence that’s been collected so far.  

Second, Bioflow has the best guarantees in the business by far.  In particular, the 90-day trial period gives you most of your money back if it doesn’t suit.  

But, above all, we repeat - Bioflow works!

Why are you so sure that it works?

Thousands of satisfied customers have written to their distributor or the Bioflow company. They have said that Bioflow works well for them in pain control or aiding healing in over 160 complaints.  Many doctors have tried Bioflow and agree.  So do vets for animal Bioflow systems.  Many sports and athletics stars have kept records of their change in results and recommend Bioflow for performance, stamina and recovery — and, unlike drug use, it’s legal!

None of this is absolute proof that Bioflow will do what YOU want, of course. The real proof comes when you use a Bioflow system yourself on the 90-day trial offer.

Most users expect help with pain from arthritis or rheumatism, joint and spinal pain, and blood-affected conditions such as poor circulation and carpel tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure and diabetes, asthma and eczema.

On this website, we pass on to you some of the experts’ explanations of how and why Bioflow probably works.  The Bioflow Company, though, makes no claims about its products.  It simply suggests that you look at the evidence, then try the Bioflow system for yourself.
It’s risk-free, and you have nothing to lose but your pain!

Principles and use

The success of Bioflow is based on the application to mammalian cellular therapy of Ecoflow plc’s Central Reverse Polarity magnetic ionisation system.  This was developed for conditioning boiler and furnace fuel in 1992.  Production workers found that they got pain relief when assembling the CRP units and distributors discovered pain relief when carrying them in their pockets.  On investigation, it was found that the CRP principle mimicked the electromagnotherapy equipment found in hospitals so, of course, the inventor adapted and re-patented the system for therapy.  

So, Bioflow was designed from the start to act like the well proven therapy used in hospitals and physiotherapy clinics.  Like the hospital systems, it uses a rapidly changing, hugely powerful magnetic flux.  This is different from other static magnets you might see, whose suppliers will tell you that having just one magnetic pole of their much lower powered magnets against your skin is the only way to use magnetic therapy.

Bioflow’s CRP system has been patented - and it works!  Bioflow is registered as a Class 1 medical device, to ensure your safety in use.  Class 1 registration is not a proof that it’s effective, but is a legally required guarantee that it will be safe in use.  Vendors mentioning Class 1 as a claim of effectiveness are either confusing themselves or trying to confuse you!

Bioflow is usually used for blood conditioning, which can provide pain relief by improving blood oxygenation and helping cells to remove poisons.  This works best by including one or more CRP units in a pulse-point module such as a wristband, dog collar or horse boots. Almost all of our customers find a wristband to be the most effective first step, as the improved blood efficiency can bring substantial pain relief throughout the body.  Bioflow can also be used for spot treatment over the site of pain or damage, just like hospital equipment, but usually our powerful wristband is sufficient to give all the help you need, wherever in your body you hurt or need to promote better healing.


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