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You might want to read the page Choosing Magnetic Therapy, before you carry on here.   That page, at the bottom, gives the background to what makes Bioflow different from other therapy magnet systems.

Magnetic therapy devices can be bought in shops, on market stalls, by mail order or on the internet.  The variety available is huge and the prices range from $5 for a cheap bangle to over $1200 for a 1000 magnet mattress cover.  It’s so bewildering and the claims made by sellers so varied and conflicting (often unbelievable) that you’d be right for feeling that choosing can be as reliable as buying a lottery ticket!

Why is Bioflow so special?

Our claim is that the Bioflow CRP system is so different from and so much more effective than everything else on the market that you’d be crippling your choices by not at least looking at what Bioflow has to offer.  

So read the evidence, then make up your own mind. Bioflow is a premium magnotherapy product but, unlike many rivals, has unmatchable premium benefits. Look at these claims I’m making about Bioflow before you choose.

Bioflow’s CRP system gives the very high power and bipolar flux changing that doctors have found is needed to be truly effective. See the medical trial for evidence that it works, while an ordinary magnet gave inconclusive results.

Other products can’t use this system without infringing the Bioflow patent, though some sellers try hard to infer that the Bioflow trial results refer to their products, too.  In fact, the ordinary magnet in the trials performed little better than the steel washer dummy!

See the box on the right for an outline, or click here for details.  But the key point is that there’s no risk to trying a Bioflow.  You know up front the least it will cost for a 90-day trial (15% + carriage) and that’s all you’ll pay if it doesn’t suit.

Here’s one recommendation - and we have had many more in the postbag.  Bioflow wristbands have been proven by medical trial for osteoarthritis.

...except that a minority of people get ‘detox’ symptoms for a short time.  Your Bioflow is so effective that as it begins to work, your body needs to deal with a rush of extra toxins being removed from every cell in your body.  Some people get discomfort from this.  Find more details in the detox section.

There are well over two million users worldwide.  Customers are our main source of business because they recommend us again and again to friends and family.  After all, don’t you share good stuff you’ve found with people you care about?

Bioflow works very well on animals and they — unlike people — can’t fool themselves that therapy works when it doesn’t.  Vets know, and recommend Bioflow!

A high success rate is the main reason why Bioflow is so often recommended by its users.  In addition, we at Pivotal give you excellent customer service and offer you full, honest advice and information both before you buy and afterwards.  We go well beyond the high standard that Bioflow Ltd requires of all its distributors.  

This may be another reason why our Pivotal customers have a high success rate, of better than 19 out of 20 getting results.  Of the few who claim money back from us under the 90-day guarantee, most are so satisfied with our service that they’re happy to recommend friends to try one, even though they didn’t get full results themselves.

If you want to know more about what makes Bioflow tick, go to How Bioflow Works.

To look at the different models, go to  Bioflow Models.


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