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The Bioflow Story

Bioflow began in the best traditions of  British inventions
– in a back-yard shed in Cornwall.  

Motor Engineer Nigel Broderick had been working for years to perfect a simple and reliable magnetic fuel saver for engines.

He knew the principle worked: he’d seen it used on aircraft and Grand Prix cars, employing electromagnets.  But he was sure that cheaper static magnets using modern materials could do the job if the design could be got right.  In 1990 Nigel eventually succeeded in developing the Ecoflow, now called the Motoflow, which gives typically 10% fuel saving when used on vehicles. He paid for it to be tested and proven by the British government at their Warren Springs environmental research lab.  The Ecoflow Company launched in 1991 and was proven by third-party testing in 1992.

Two more products rapidly followed.  The first is now called the Thermoflow fuel conditioner for boilers and furnaces.  This required a new principle, which Nigel called Central Reverse Polarity, to function.  The second was the H2flow, applying the new CRP principle to water conditioning.

Nigel discovered, quite by accident, that the CRP principle used in his Thermoflow boiler conditioners was similar to the way that magnetic therapy equipment worked in hospitals. So he miniaturised the Thermoflow into a wristband, and called it the Bioflow.  This was launched in 1996 and was to become by far the company’s biggest seller. Medical therapy by magnetism was still then in its infancy, but the spectacular results people got from wearing a Bioflow wristband led to an explosion of copycat products.  However, Nigel had the foresight to patent the principle, so no other magnetic product could match Bioflow’s success in action - except the hospital treatment equipment it was based on, of course!

Nigel and Paula Broderick eventually retired from running their highly successful company in 2002, selling it on to a very successful Devon entrepreneur and friend, Paul Markland.  They had built the business into a multi-million pound success, winning ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation and three major industry awards on the way, and becoming an Investor in People.  Their large base of distributors (over 7000 in 2004 when the Princess Royal visited the factory and offices) had an increasing range of Bioflow types to sell, all using the patented CRP system, and several other products had been taken on because of their proven efficacy.

New models still occasionally appear, but the mainstay of sales and the preferred models of most customers are all - except for the users’ favourite Pirouette - styles which first appeared in the 20th century.  And recently, the business was renamed The Bioflow Company, to reflect its greatest success story.

Bioflow began sales using the Network Marketing system, but in 2010 switched to a wholesale-retail model because of changing market conditions.  The business principle still remains the same, though - give good customer service, offer superb guarantees and the products will sell themselves through their merits.  As we say: “Just try one - you’ve nothing to lose but your pain!”

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